Dirty 30s  

Craigd484 57M
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6/30/2019 7:19 am
Dirty 30s

If you've ever heard the phrase, "dirty 30s", I think it's very apt. Most (white, middle class, straight, American) people spend a lot of time in their teens and 20s thinking about sex and having as much fun as they can, but it's often mediated by alcohol and dulled by confusion over relationships, identity, and social acceptance. Then you hit a point in your 30s where you no longer give a fuck (so to speak), you know the difference between sex and love, and you understand and embrace your own sexuality much more.

Of course, by the time you really hit your stride, you've begun to noticeably age, sag, lose tone, slow down, and generally get fat. So yeah, get it while you can.

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