Catfishing - a foreign scammer  

Craigd484 57M
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5/25/2019 5:11 pm
Catfishing - a foreign scammer

Hello its me from Heated Affairs site 🙂

Hi me. So are you a couple?

Hey there how are you? so how long youve been on there in Heated Affairs site, and what do you think of it? hmm well, i bet youre a horny man for being on the Heated Affairs site right?

I've been on Heated Affairs for years, and met a few good people. Yep, and I bet you're a woman who enjoys meeting horny men who know what's up.

I'm new to this site too, so what are you looking for on the Heated Affairs site babe?

Someone discreet who wants to meet and like being appreciated. What's your name?

Okay cool, I am here in the Heated Affairs site, coz im just looking for somenew friends, and hoping to have someone to have alot of fun and see where it goes right?

Are you a camgirl?

By the way, I'm Kylie miles 24 single as well and you?

Craig 53 married. Do you like married guys?

Nice to meet you Craig , can i see a picture of yourself right now babe okay? 🙂

You look good 🙂

I'm from Australia but now i am here in Glen Mills, PA for my vacation how about you?

Thanks, you too. So are you around to meet or just chatting?

Well i am here in Hampton Inn & Suites Chadds Ford to visit my aunt and of course my relatives there, are you familiar babe?

Yeah, I pass by there all the time.

I'm stay here in 40 State Farm Dr, for 2 or 3 weeks, so do you want to meet up sometimes?

Sure, sounds,great. Are you free during the day?

So what time you will be able to meet? I'm free today how about you?

No, I'm going to be busy until Tuesday. How about then?

Yeah that would be the great, but i just want to get to know you more 1st before we meet ok? log out your Heated Affairs account and i just want you only , i don't want you to talk to anygirl on there.. so i really hope you will not going to log in your Heated Affairs anymore okay babe?

I'm going to delete my Heated Affairs account right now,

Sounds good to me, so what else you do for fun like in bed?

Can I send you a gift?

Well, me i loved alot of oral and wild sex babe,and i love to suck a hard dick and pushes it hard into my sweet pussy and pumped it hard like a wild cow girl 🙂 How about you?

I love it when scammers use pics of porn stars that can found easily. Better luck next time. Blocking and reporting you on Heated Affairs.

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