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Quick Blowjob for a Stranger #1
Posted:Nov 3, 2021 1:16 am
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2021 1:11 am
Hi, I have been a bi-sexual male from around the age of 20 I guess and now I’m in my 50’s my sexual preferences haven’t changed. I like the company and sexual relationship of a female but I also like to make a guy cum and I have taken to doing this spontaneously and in public places if I get the chance.

This short story is about a time when I was doing some retail therapy in a local shopping park. It always makes me horny looking through the different clothing department for instance I had to walk through the lady’s underwear section to get to the men’s section of course, and as I walk past touch the lacy knickers and rub the gusset with my thumb and forefinger to know I have just touched where someone’s pussy will be sat one day. I also like looking at peoples bums and crotches to try and figure out if they are wearing a thong, if I can see a camel toe or how big a cock is and where its hanging in a guy’s jeans.

I had actually wanted to buy some new work trousers and headed toward the Matalan shop. I wasn’t going to waste a lot of time browsing for these, just plane black or grey, slimfit, 34” waist, 32” long will do. I went straight to the men’s section, picked up 3 different pairs of trousers and headed for the fitting rooms.

The attendant gave me a paddle with a number 3 on it and she pointed to the men’s rooms. There were 5 rooms and the curtains were all open so I headed for the last one which is usually the biggest with room for a chair. As I walked in I was surprised to see a guy stood their trying a shirt on with only his pants on his lower half. "Ooo sorry" I said. I looked down and could see his cock clearly in his white jockey style pants I think I made him jump as well as he turned quickly to look at me. I heard my self say "Mmm that looks nice do you want a hand?” I love to see the shape of a cock in pants and his cock looked gorgeous I just wanted to reach out and touch it. I was stood there fixated for what seemed ages when he said “you can suck it if you like”. I stepped further into the room, shut the curtain and hung my trousers on a hanger. As I turned I dropped to my knees his cock had grown bigger. I grabbed his buttocks and gnawed on his cock through his pants and it wasn’t long before he was rock hard. I pulled his pants down and his hard-uncut cock sprung out. It looked about 6” long with a good girth and as I cupped his balls in one hand and pulled back on his shaft with the other I exposed his gland and a slaver of precum began to drip from his tip which I caught with my tongue and took his cock in my mouth. It was hot and hard in my mouth and I could smell his musky sent in his dark trimmed pubes and as I worked up a rhythm it can’t have been more than 5 minutes when he moaned and said “Fuck I’m gonna cum” “Mmmm” I said with my mouth full and he let out a quiet grunt and shot his hot cum in my mouth. I could feel his cock pumping "Uh.. Uh.. Uh.." as I carried on with my rhythm and after 5 or 6 shots he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I swallowed his his cum. I pulled up on his cock from the base to the tip to get the last drops of cum out of his shaft and sucked it off the end. I took a picture of his cock on my phone before getting up, said “thank you” and went in the next room with my trousers to try on. My own cock was soaked with precum which I spooned of the end with my finger and sucked feeling very smug with what had just happened it had made me so horny!

While trying a pair of grew trousers i'd chosen my cock began to get hard which looked great in the reflection of the mirror and had now developed a damp spot of precum. I bought the trousers of course to remind me of this day so I can think back at the memory when I wear them at work.

I heard the guy draw back his fitting room curtain and as he walked passed he said “Maybe see you again sometime I’m always in this Matalan” I replied “I'll have to start coming here more often”. I haven’t seen him again as yet or had the same opportunity, but never say never.
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