Took a canoe from in the woods  

CodyKufta517 39M
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4/12/2021 4:31 pm
Took a canoe from in the woods

We been hunting and shooting guns in this area for years and kept walking by a canoe. Rose lake research center off upton road on the edge of mud lake. So while we were shooting bottles the other day I called dnr and asked them if we could take it. It took them three days to get back with me and when they finally did. They said technically at this point it is determined as refuse and we could salvage it if we wanted to. So today me and my brother went back there and road it into the lake it was next to too see if it floats and it did. So we tied one on burned a fatty and proceeded to hoof it back with are prize in tow. When we finally got it back to the car we did not even know if we could actually attach it to the top of my brothers car. Using the tow straps we secured it to the roof and started are long trek back to<b> downtown </font></b>lansing. All in all a free canoe is a free canoe. It is a old aluminum that can hold a six hundred and eighty pound weight limit. Now we can go canoe in like lake lansing, or park lake, or any of the 3 close rivers red cedar, grandriver and the looking glass. Fishing and fun here we come. Going to clean it up and re finish it before taking it for out.

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