Open Road is Calling  

Coastalover1 68M
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9/30/2021 3:22 pm
Open Road is Calling

Autumn is here and is good riding weather! I'm hoping ride Arizona before the weather breaks, with Covid, fires, and poor air quality my Harley has been resting for too long. Planning a leisurely trip, enjoying the sights and visiting friends along the way. Usually I ride the Gold coast to Oregon. The last trip, I met up with a e- friend from Heated Affairs for coffee in a coastal town. (They served the best cinnamon roll ever) This trip has more promise of good riding weather going the Southern route. If I plan right I will be riding State highways and secondary roads most of my trip. My riding partner can not get away due some family<b> medical </font></b>issues, so I am flying solo but that is okay that cuts down on decisions make. But, if don't work out I will plan for a Spring Ride. Now that I am retired, my time is my own!


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