Tim and Abbie 65: Mark and Brian dine with Mark’s family  

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7/7/2021 10:59 pm
Tim and Abbie 65: Mark and Brian dine with Mark’s family

Mark has jumped over some of the highest hurdles bringing Brian into his world and entering Brian’s a bit too. Letting people know his inclinations and choices eases Mark’s usual stress a lot. The sessions with James are bringing out things from his past and his father. In sessions that include Brian, they address issues they face together as they build a solid relationship.
The next biggest mountain to conquer is introducing Brian to his mother, Patti, and his two older sisters Jessica and Jennifer. He knows they will not say anything to his face, but what will they feel when he is not there? This is a considerable discussion in both sessions before the dinner with them the Wednesday after Mark’s big reveal to his gang and introduction to Wilde Peacock.
Mark opens up much more about his father and what he has learned from his mother over time. His father for years had cheated on his mother, sometimes even throwing the other women in her face. He never understood why his mother just accepted this. Yes, his father was physically abusive with him, but Mark never saw him hit his mother or sisters or any signs that he had.
It was only after his father died, one evening encouraged by a couple of bottles of wine at their Wednesday dinner, that Mark asked his mother why she put up with his wandering and flaunting it in her face. Patti laughed and laughed, almost unable to answer until finally calming some.
Patti told Mark, “With your father, I was shocked that we even created three as inept he was in bed. I couldn’t imagine any woman giving him the time of day after one or two times with him. So better he was bothering others as he claimed than me having to pretend with him between my legs.”
Patti often told her daughters that marriage was not worth it really. That was probably why they still lived at home with her while having decent jobs. They rarely dated, though Mark was sure they did want to. Over time, now in their early forties like Brian, they didn’t think they would be attractive to anyone.
Talking this all over with both James and Brian, Mark thought he was ready to open up to his family. One little hitch in the whole thing he never thought of did happen.
Mark calls his mother on Sunday evening to say he would be there this week for Wednesday’s dinner, and he is bringing a friend of his. At first, his mother, in hearing distance of his sisters, asks about the woman he is bringing. Thinking finally, Mark has met someone he wanted to show off to his family.
When he explains his friend is Brian who is coming with him, Mark sets her straight, somewhat. And that is when the hiccup starts. Hearing Mark is bringing a man with him, Jessica and Jennifer begin to imagine it is someone Mark wants to introduce and fix up with one of them.
Much primping and preparing occupies hours of the next couple of days. When Wednesday night arrives, the two women are giddy with expectations. They hear the front door open and Mark calling out as they enter. The girls fly to the door to welcome Mark’s friend.
And what a vision the friend is. Who could resist Brian’s good looks? Silvering hair, deep blue eyes, and so friendly and polite as he is introduced to each, and then their mother. His slight Scottish accent gives him such an exotic air. Sitting first in the living room over cocktails, the sisters hurry to make for all. They just talk generally for a while.
Both sisters are hoping Brian would like them best. That is until Mark drops the bomb.
Carefully he moves to sit on the couch next to his mother as Mark begins looking first at his mother, then at his sisters as he talks. “Mom, Jennifer, and Jessica, Brian is more than just my friend. We are a couple. We are in love with each other and soon are going to move in together. He is a wonderful man, as I can tell you already have found to be true. I hope you will accept him as part of my life and yours.”
Brian watching all three women’s faces as Mark talks and sees the fleeting sadness over Jessica and Jennifer’s faces when Mark tells them who Brian is. Astute to such things, Brian immediately knows what the women had been hoping for and how their pipedreams just came crashing down on them.
Brian vows to himself that he will try to find men to value and care for each of them. They are both rather pretty, just dressed rather dull to attract anyone’s attention, really. And from what Mark has said, they rarely go out anywhere where they would meet someone. That he would see to changing for them. They, too, deserved a life after growing up with their father.
The sisters recover quickly and are genuinely glad that Mark has found someone. Someone so handsome and kind. At dinner, Patti has Brian sit next to her, with Mark on the other side. Brian is the center of attention as he answers her questions about himself. Patti is bursting with pride when she learns about his<b> education </font></b>and position at the bank. Patting Brian’s hand as she tells Mark he better be good to Brian as he is a gem too precious to lose, making all of them laugh.
It is, after all, a lovely evening, and by the time they leave, Brian is a part of their family. Which thrills him as his family is far away and not that close, really.
At home that night, as they crawl into bed, Brian holds Mark close and tells him playfully that he better listen to his mother and do as she told him. Mark rolls over to face Brian. He tickles him some as he asks, “And how shall I be good to you?”
They roll together, kissing as Brian turns the table and starts tickling Mark. “You, sir, know how to be good to me.” Needing no more urging, Mark dips under the sheets to find Brian’s cock to take into his mouth. The two men have been trying different ways of sucking each other to make it last longer. Tonight, who cares about work tomorrow at the moment? Mark is going to try to keep Brian on edge as long as he can.
He starts with just licking around Brian’s glans to make his shaft quiver. Licking and poking the tip of his tongue along the slit. Nibbling at it around the rim below the head. Brian leans back, enjoying this pampering. Oh, so slowly, Mark goes, taking his time playing with the glans, getting Brian harder and harder without even touching his shaft or balls.
Mark is learning new tricks to add pleasure for Brian. Flicking his tongue over the tip, taking the glans in his mouth and no more and sucking on it hard. Brian is letting out groans and sighs as his passion increases.
Feeling Mark’s hands finally cupping his balls and squeezing them before sliding one at a time into his mouth to suck and pull on. Back to them in his hand as Mark massages Brian’s balls to loosen and let the semen begin to fill them on their journey to Brian’s shaft and release.
Running his tongue up and down Brian’s shaft as his one hand takes it by the base and tightly follows his tongue up and down the shaft. Oh, now Mark is nibbling up and down on the vein at the back of his shaft.
Brian is crying out in furor as he tries to hold back from cumming this soon. Mark knowing the tells when Brian is close, backs off some and comes out of the covers to passionately kiss Brian as he lays atop him. Their cocks are now rubbing each other, Mark as hard as Brian from the pleasure he is getting from pleasing his love.
After kissing for a while, and Brian stroking Mark’s cock as they do, Mark dives back down under the sheets for round two. Surprising Brian, Mark takes his entire shaft into his mouth and begins sucking it as the glans bump against the back of his throat.
All in this time, feeling the warmth of Mark’s mouth and his tongue lapping against his shaft, Mark grows to full height again. Pulling back with his lips, Mark allows almost all of Brian’s rod to leave his mouth, just to pound down on it again. Brian is struggling to control himself. His body is thrashing with desire.
It won’t be long this time. An extended session just isn’t in the cards tonight. Brian already aroused from Mark coming out to his family, the welcome his mother and sisters have given him, and now Mark ‘being good’ to him has increased his desire for this man to a degree which can’t be contained.
Brian throws back the sheet so he can watch Mark suck him as he warns he is close to the edge now. Mark wiggles Brian’s cock in his mouth as he tries to nod his understanding. Mark makes it clear that he heard as he takes the entire shaft in his mouth again and sucks harder and harder until Brian explodes.
Mark chokes some on the mass Brian released but is able to swallow most of it by the time Brian pulls him up to him to hold and kiss. Tasting his semen on Mark’s lips is always an after treat for Brian.
Brian rubs Mark’s back as he holds him, thanking him for giving him that. Brian lowers his one hand to take Mark’s dick in his hand, but Mark pushes him away, saying, “I don’t need anything tonight but to be in your arms. This is just for you tonight in thanks for helping me reach this point in my life. My mother is correct, Brian. You are a precious gem that I do not want to lose.”
Brian pulls the covers over them. Mark nestled in his arms as he holds his own gem as they fall to sleep.

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