Tim and Abbie 62: The celebration at Peter and Sarah’s house  

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6/12/2021 5:31 pm
Tim and Abbie 62: The celebration at Peter and Sarah’s house

Oblivious to what is happening elsewhere this evening, on his way home, Peter makes a similar stop but at an off-license instead. Purchasing a top-shelf bottle of Scotch to celebrate his news about his new position at Microga.
Arriving home early, Sarah greets him with a of concern on her about what might have happened. Seeing Peter raise the bottle in the air, she knows whatever it is must have been good and starts jumping around more and more as Peter shares his news.
Over glasses of Scotch, they lounge on their sizeable sectional couch. Peter details what happened at the meeting with Tim and his future at Microga. After finishing their first drink, Sarah says they need to share the news with Tracy. She quickly texts their friend, who replies she will be there shortly.
Peter and Sarah thinking and planning, soon start getting a bit the collar. Starting with kissing, they are soon petting each other, and clothes seem to be disappearing until Sarah is just in her undies and Peter in his shorts.
Peter is fingering Sarah, sliding in the crotch of her pantie. She gets wetter and wetter while she is wanking him his shorts. They hear the back door open, and Tracy comes in. Seeing the state they are in, Tracy pours herself a drink, tops off theirs, and undresses.
Soon the two women are sucking and licking up and down on Peter’s dick. In choreographic movements, they cover his shaft and balls with linking kisses. Sarah soon has Peter’s balls in her mouth, and Tracy is sucking on his cock. Their hands are stroking his inner thighs as Peter squeezes their ass cheeks.
Positions switch some, and Sarah and Tracy are kissing each other deeply while Peter’s hands reach them and play with their pussies simultaneously. Everyone is panting and aroused, stopping occasionally for a sip of their drinks.
Time to back up a bit. What is going on?
Since days, Peter and Sarah have been on and off again as a couple. Usually, Peter would foolishly fuck around with someone else, and he and Sarah would break up. Peter’s new finds would not last, and he repeatedly came back on hand and knees to Sarah. While separated, Sarah would find others off and on, but nothing really serious.
After graduation, Sarah took her A-levels and went on to study literature. Graduating, she got a job with a publisher, first as a reader, then moving up to become an editor. The differences in<b> education </font></b>and employment did not matter when they were together, but Sarah was not sure other times.
Did her superior position cause Peter to stray?
During that same period, after having different jobs with no future really, Tim recommended Peter for the job at Microga. All in the quiet way Tim had in the past. Peter and Matt both were hired and started at about the same time. Before, and since then, Peter tinkered with appliances and such and had a word-of-mouth business on the side.
The good part of finally having a stable job was negated for Sarah and him as Peter acted like an ass and revved up his fooling around over the next few years. Sarah, tired of it all, started dating someone else, figuring to break the tie with Peter finally.
After Sarah breaking things off with Peter, he occasionally saw Sarah out with this other bloke. She appeared happy with him. For Peter, it was like a knife piercing his heart. He always thought Sarah would be there for him. But now, it seemed different.
About a year and a half ago, Sarah and Peter happened upon each other. It was a bit uneasy to start, but soon both were having a good time together that evening at a bar. The next Peter called Sarah, and they talked seriously, him eager to be together again. Sarah did not mention until a bit later that she had broken up with the other guy when they had bumped into each other.
Weeks later, they were back together again, and Peter proposed to Sarah. She accepted, and their wedding was planned for the first of the coming year.
Sarah, knowing Peter better than even himself, wanted this time for it to really work. She, by then, was well aware of his lust for variance in his sexual life. Sarah knew for it to work with them, she would have to offer Peter something more.
Sarah considered suggesting they have an open marriage, but she did not want to wonder and worry about who Peter has been with all the time. Nor was she interested in fooling around with other men.
Then Sarah found a couple of meet-up sites and joined. She posted that they were a couple looking for an FMF hookup. Sarah did not want to be with a woman, just someone else to pleasure Peter with her so that he would have his wild oats at home.
She found a few interested women who seemed compatible. Then, Sarah introduced the idea to Peter. At first, he was hesitant, though the concept did arouse him. Peter did not want to ruin things with Sarah again. But with her urging, telling him that she was willing to be in a three-way with him and another woman, he jumped on the bandwagon.
Over the next few months, they played with a of other women. Peter asked Sarah if she would like to try an MFM, but she assured him she was content with just how they were playing now. Relived as Peter was not sure if he could handle another man with them as gracefully as Sarah was with a woman joining them.
So, in the threesomes, Peter would go back and forth between Sarah and another woman, satisfying each. They, in turn, each would suck Peter, finger him, or have intercourse. Sarah always moved back and just watched when he was with the other woman. Concentrating on Peter during these times, seeing his reaction to fucking someone else.
Along the way, they met Tracy. She was twenty-, five years than they were. She had a degree in political science. Currently, she worked for the Conservative Member of The House of Commons for their district. Though laughing, she explained it was a job and not necessarily her political beliefs.
She was different from the others. She was interested in Sarah and Peter outside of the sexual Olympics. And Tracy seemed to often lead conversations to what each of them did, their opinions and feelings. They were getting to know each other and becoming friends.
Things were casual at first. Tracy respected Sarah’s not wanting to engage with her. Rather, the two took turns servicing Peter. Soon Tracy was the one Sarah and Peter were inviting for playdates. The occasions increased to once or twice a week. Tracy always was interested and assured them that they were the couple she was playing with.
They all got to know each other well outside of bed. On the nights Tracy visited, she often had dinner with them filled with good food and good conversation before moving things to the other parallel.
Things were going well. Sarah thought that Tracy seemed committed to being around for a while, and Peter was kept busy with the two women, giving him no interest in straying.
Then months ago, things changed. Tracy now often spent the night. Peter in the center. Each woman on one side of him. Their arms across his chest or waist. His arms around both.
Something started churning in Sarah. Now watching when Peter and Tracy fucked, her eyes were drawn to looking at Tracy too. The full picture of the two of them together. Sarah realized that when they were playing the field, she was a bit jealous of the other woman being pleasured by Peter. With Tracy knowing her now and liking her as a person, Sarah’s felt different.
One night, Peter fell into a heavy sleep after cumming in both of them. It was about four in the morning. After a few hours of lying there watching Sarah sleep, Tracy got up quietly and went to the bathroom. Sarah stirred, thinking Tracy was leaving, something she often did in the middle of the night.
Instead, Tracy climbed back into bed, but behind Sarah. She wrapped her arm around Sarah’s waist and moving her lips close to Sarah’s ear. Tracy whispered, “Sarah, I would so like to caress your body all over and kiss you deeply. I am drawn to you and want you to have full pleasure from the three of us together. I understand if you do not want anything that way, but would you think about it, please?”
Tracy just laid as she was with her arm around Sarah, not moving. Sarah, now awake, felt Tracy’s breath on the back of her neck. It made Sarah acknowledge that she was longing for Tracy to touch and caress her, and more, for a while now. Whenever their arms would accidentally brush against each other when playing with Peter, Sarah would feel sparks igniting throughout her body.
Sarah shifted, so her ass was pressed against Tracy’s cunt, then slowly and quietly rolled to Tracy. Rubbing against Tracy’s pussy with each turn. Maybe not consciously, but arousing for Tracy, nonetheless.
Now, as they looked into each other’s eyes, their thighs touched, and their cunts' heat was felt by the other, the moment of truth for Sarah arrived. Tracy lifted her hands to hold Sarah’s as they stared each other. Sarah, in a shy, unsure voice, “Tracy, I think I long to do the same things with you. There is some desire I feel wondering what it would be like to feel you touch me, and we learn every speck of each other’s body.”
That was all the permission Tracy needed. She pulled Sarah’s to her and kissed her on the lips. First, both with closed mouths, but then opening to each other to begin the discovery.
That was all they did the first night, kiss and whisper to each other. Tracy told Sarah that she wanted her first time to be perfect and at whatever pace Sarah needed. They agreed that Tracy would stay the night. Sarah was aflame with the desire of being so close to Tracy’s naked body.
Tomorrow they could decide what they wanted. They finally both fell to sleep. The next when Peter left for work, they would have all to see if the spark between them was really there.
Awakened the next morning, Peter was a bit surprised to see Tracy sleeping next to Sarah, not him. But as he saw Tracy’s arms around Sarah holding her, he smiled the vision in front of him. Peter left them sleeping as he readied for work. Leaving the bedroom, he leaned and kissed both women on their foreheads, making them stir from their sleep.
Peter barely the door, both women now awake, giddy about what was about to happen, began kissing again. The softness of Tracy’s lips compared to Peter’s felt so sweet to Sarah. The first time Tracy ran her fingers across the nap of Sarah’s shoulders and then down lightly on her breasts ignited sparks in Sarah.
Sarah tried to reciprocate. Tracy moved Sarah’s hands over her head and told her to relax. This time was for her. Later, Sarah would have her turn to explore Tracy’s body. Sarah submitted and allowed Tracy to have her way with her.
Between running fingers lightly over Sarah, followed by kisses on what seemed like every inch of Sarah’s body, Tracy pleasured her. Working her way around Sarah’s body but did not touch her pussy, yet. Sarah never realized how much she could be aroused from such gentle touches.
Peter didn’t slouch at foreplay, but he had nowhere the skills Tracy was displaying. Moaning over and over, arching her back, Sarah climaxed three times in quick succession without her cunt even being touched. When Tracy finally moved to kiss Sarah’s inner thighs, spreading Sarah’s legs to have access to her woman’s land, Sarah was in seventh heaven.
Just feeling Tracy’s breath against her lower lips sent spasms through Sarah’s body. Then she felt Tracy’s soft, kitten-like tongue as it lapped at her slit. At the same time, Tracy’s fingers explored her vag deeper and deeper. Sarah’s mind and body whirled.
Sarah gasped and cried out as she felt Tracy’s tongue lick her clit. Tracy’s fingers up in her vag, searching and finding Sarah’s g-spot tipped the scales. Screaming out, Sarah gave way to the biggest orgasm she ever had.
Spent, Tracy held Sarah in her arms, playing with her hair as Sarah composed herself. Being able to pleasure Sarah so completely thrilled Tracy. The truth was, Tracy had come to care about both Peter and Sarah over the last months, and she wanted it to be a true relationship between all three of them.
The icing on the cake came that afternoon. After the two women slept for several hours to recoup from the first act, the second act curtain . Awake, Sarah was now aware of what could be felt being with another woman. She began to return the favor. Sarah was a quick study. From her new knowledge of what Tracy did earlier, which mesmerized her, Sarah began her exploration of another woman’s body up close and personal for the first time.
Sarah began licking, touching, and nibbling at Tracy. On waking, Tracy soon found herself in her own frenzy. Sarah thrilled Tracy with her touch. Even Sarah’s breath delicately blowing across Tracy’s skin was enthralling.
Once opened up, Sarah is gung-ho to discover how to make Tracy’s body respond to her touch. Sarah spread Tracy’s legs, surprising herself and Tracy, how bold she was now. Her head lowered over Sarah’s cunt, and her fingers and tongue got to work.
Soon Tracy was the one crying as Sarah hits all the right spots. Tracy’s body shook with excitement as the first of many climaxes from Sarah overtook her. The two were soon an entwined pile of appendages as they giggled and kissed.
They surprised themselves when they saw it is already after five in the afternoon. Their in bed speed by rather quickly.
A quick shower together, with promises of long lingering ones soon. They changed the bedsheets and climbed in again, sitting up against the headboard with glasses of wine for Peter's arrival from work.
Peter came through the house as he called . the door of the bedroom, he saw a surprising vision in front of him. The two women, naked, next to each other, with the sheets covering their legs. Peter smiled widely and asked what they have been up to. Giggling, the women jumped to stand on each side of him. Together they undressed him.
Before Peter knew it, he was also naked, lying on the bed with Sarah and Tracy. The two women kissed and played with his shaft and balls. But in a much different way this time. It was more than Peter would ever have expected. Feeling the two women together, licking and sucking his dick, while seeming to have such fun doing it.
They moved him this way, and that, like Peter was their personal play toy. Peter did not mind being their puppet at all. At one point, Sarah was straddling his as Tracy licked his balls and ass. Then shifting, Sarah was on her knees, Peter behind her fucking her. As he did, Tracy was up by Sarah’s head with her legs spread. And in astonishment, Peter watched Sarah lick and suck Tracy’s pussy as he pounded her.
Peter had no idea what brought about this change, but he was not going to complain. Especially a little later, exhausted from cumming, Peter leaned against the headboard and watched as Sarah and Tracy kissed and explored each other more and more.
Seeing the two grinding each other as they suck each other’s nipples started Peter hardening again so quickly after thinking he released everything.
After that, Tracy was with them more and more. At least five nights a week now. And not just for sex, but having meals with them, relaxing, and watching tv. Peter was entirely content with the two women and did not want any others as a distraction. Being able to see Tracy and Sarah together and with him was more than he could ever dream of.
Tracy was now a part of their lives.
This brings us back to this evening. The three celebrating Peter’s news together. When just the three of them, Tracy is an equal partner. But at times when going out with friends, like the Friday football nights at the pub, she is excluded.
Not that Sarah and Peter don’t want her with them, but it would be too difficult to explain who she is. And they are not ready to announce their unique relationship. Tracy always says and acts like she doesn’t care, but Sarah is starting to wonder.
The three do not interact with Tracy’s friends either, but as she spends more and more time with Sarah and Peter, they seem to be moving to the background.
These things and many others related to the three of them together are more and more on Sarah’s mind. How will this all play out between them? And what about her and Peter marrying in a few months? How will Tracy fit in then?
The last thing Sarah wants to do right now is to lose Tracy. What they have is so good. And the side of her with another woman, well, not any other woman, but Tracy, makes Sarah feel whole.
Monetarily the changes at work for Peter don’t matter that much. Both Sarah’s income, for her and Peter, is more than enough. While not totally contributing to the pot, as she still has her own apartment and to , Tracy often chipped in for different things.
Peter’s salary now will be closer to the two women, which does help his self-esteem, not that it has ever been mentioned. The idea of Tracy becoming an equal part of their household has not been discussed, though all three do ponder the expense she has maintaining a separate dwelling that she rarely uses now.
While none of them have vocalized it yet, all these things are on each of their minds. How things are now is perfect and fills the needs they all have. But how long can it go on this way?
The celebration of Peter’s promotion ends after another rousing interlude between the three of them. It is so good now, the women together pleasing Peter, feeling both their tongues on his cock shaft and balls. Peter is watching the two women together kissing, licking, and fingering each other. Then the climax as Peter fucks one of the women while the other caresses her, then switching places.
No one is jealous of the other. All are just feeling this glow that each is well satisfied sexually and emotionally. Peter would never have imagined Sarah would come to this place and feel so happy with him and Tracy. No, it isn’t a relationship they can announce, but it is a relationship they need. They just need to find a way to make this connection acceptable to share with others.

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I really enjoyed this one. Very hot!

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