Tim and Abbie 43: Abbie beside Tim at Microga  

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2/23/2021 10:28 am
Tim and Abbie 43: Abbie beside Tim at Microga

At four in the afternoon, Tim picks Abbie up from work, and they head home to get ready for the reception starting at seven. They have plenty of time as the festivities will be in the atrium at Microga Headquarters, where Tim works. A short drive back to it.
Abbie is still a bit hesitant about the reception and what kind of acceptance her entrance with Tim will make. She tells herself to put aside her worries and support the man she loves fully. She knows they will have to come out together someday, so if someday is today, so be it.
At home, they get out of their work clothes, and Tim suggests they have time for a nice bath to relax first. Abbie agrees and ties up her hair so as not to get it wet. Leaning her back against Tim’s chest in the warm water does relax Abbie. And Tim playing and massaging her clit adds to the feeling.
Abbie knows Tim is trying to get her to cum so to be in a better place for the evening, and while Abbie at first tries to hold her ground, feeling she should not cum now, Tim’s persistence breaks her resolve.
Tim so slowly and gently working his fingers over her treasured place make the arousal Abbie is feeling linger as she feels the small sparks going off within her. This is so nice. Different than when they are fully involved with their lovemaking. A more leisurely afternoon. All the time in the world for Abbie to build up to the final plateau.
Abbie knows they do not have forever, but for a few minutes right now, both are outside the schedule and obligations of the day. There is just the two of them with no cares or concerns.
Tim keeps up his attention to Abbie, including kissing the back of her neck, where she loves him to kiss the best. His other hand is showing his admiration for her breasts and nipples. Tim does love them so much. Just the perfect size, he thinks. He knows that many men like big boobs, but Abbie's small orbs and perky nipples stir his loins so.
As the water begins to cool, the slow ride up the cable car to the summit comes to the top. Abbie shudders and squirms in Tim’s arms as she whimpers and lets a fine stream of her juices out.
Tim, so good at attention to post- as much as their foreplay, holds Abbie tightly as she calms herself. Then washes her privates and breasts once more before helping her out of the tub.
There is a lovely glow about Abbie, and not just from her tan. After both have dried off, Abbie has Tim sit at her makeup stool so she can blow dry and style his hair. Finished, with his hair and beard looking more modern, nicer than usual, really Tim thinks. Abbie realizes it is time to get Tim to someone who can cut his hair as it should be.
Abbie sends Tim off to dress, telling him his black suit, white shirt, and a pale green tie would be best. Tim, always accepting Abbie’s style suggestions, does think that is a perfect look for this evening. Meanwhile, Abbie is spending a lot of time doing her makeup and hair. It is getting nearer and nearer when they need to leave.
She calls from the bathroom that she is almost done and just needs to dress. Abbie suggests Tim go downstairs and make them a couple of drinks, as she might need that for some dutch courage. Tim laughs a little and calls back to her that yes, probably both of them require some for what is ahead.
Truthfully, since Abbie made the situation clear to him, even with the Chairman’s encouragement, Tim is now a bit nervous about introducing Abbie to this side of his life. And his concern is all focused on Abbie not being hurt or embarrassed. It does not even enter his mind about the impact it could have on him. He can handle it, just like all the ostracizing he received when young for being born to an unwed .
He goes downstairs as he hears Abbie coming out of the bathroom. He mixes them both a drink, and he takes a couple of sips waiting for her appearance. And well worth the wait when she does.
Abbie comes down the stairs like a vision. She had upswept her auburn hair into a bun with some curly hair falling on each side. Tim had never seen her hair like this before, but it is lovely and appropriate for a more formal occasion. Abbie’s makeup is more intense than Tim had ever seen, her eyes shadowed in smoky grey with thicker eyeliner and mascara. All brought out her green eye more and is a very erotic look.
And her dress, with just shoestring shoulder straps. Pale green, matching his tie, showing off her tan. A clenching top, pressing up against her breasts, then a full skirt falling just above her knees. Even her shoes matched.
As Tim hands Abbie the drink he made for her, he teases, “So you didn’t have anything to wear, eh?” Abbie’s lovely, tinkling laugh fills the room as she takes a sip of her drink and just smiles at Tim.
“Okay, I guess I do have outfits for almost every occasion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to new things from time to time.”
A few minutes later, drinks finished, Tim is helping her into the car, and they are off for this fateful night, come what will. If no one else appreciated what Abbie is, he does tenfold. “You look wonderful tonight. I wish I could just take you back upstairs for a night of lustful ,” Tim says to her before closing her door.
Without much traffic, they are at the Microga headquarters in mere minutes. Tim intends on parking in his spot in the garage. But he sees that people are using the valet being offered at the door.
Tonight is a rare night of festivities for the company. There always is a lavish Christmas party each year, and a summer picnic still ahead in early August, but these select parties for corporate achievements or major promotion and reorganization are the best.
In the past, Tim has attended them but would stay only the mandatory of time to be polite. Now, tonight, this all is for him, and he still can’t comprehend all that has happened this week.
He pulls up to the curb at the entrance to the company. A valet is there immediately to first open the door for Abbie and then Tim. Tim goes around and helps Abbie out. With her arm on his, they enter Microga for the first time together as a couple.
Needless to say, all eyes are on Tim and who is accompanying him. This is the first time that Tim has ever had anyone with him before. Besides, the night is for him. Everyone is interested in seeing who has made such a change in Tim these last months.
Now the strange dictate which came done in the different meetings this afternoon with such<b> authority </font></b>from the Chairman no one connected it with Tim. And seeing Tim and Abbie enter from a distance, all anyone could think or wonder about is how Tim had captured this stunning beauty of a woman.
As the evening goes on, and Tim and Abbie work their way around, Tim introducing her to people personally. Things click for some. Others, just mesmerized Abbie’s exotic look and the sheer sexual energy she seems to give off, don’t even realize. Days later, those individuals will be shocked when told others.
All do behave properly, succumbed the charms of Abbie and how sweet and interested she is in everyone. Abbie’s attitude and kindness to all Tim introduce her to takes any prejudice away from those with whom she chats. There will be conversations. Well out and away from the company considering today's edict. Some wondering how Tim and Abbie’s relationship works, but almost out of envy and curiosity than anything else.
Some of the partners of employees attending do start to say something after meeting Abbie but are quickly shut down. Many interesting conversations are held tonight in different homes about acceptance of diversity in all things. And interesting, in many cases, a rather satisfying sexual repass from the talks.
Tim is in seventh heaven, not from the praise he gets for his promotion, but from the warm acceptance of Abbie. This is a result, in large part, from Tim’s generously helping almost every employee in the firm over the years. All who fully appreciate what Tim has done for them. Unknown or comprehended Tim, who just thought that was the proper way to support each other.
The other part is from the delightful, friendly way Abbie is with everyone she meets. While she would never remember all their names, she did for many of Tim’s coworkers based on linking them to what they chatted about. Abbie is very good at asking leading questions from whom she meets to feel important and worthy.
Yes, the verdict is that Tim and Abbie, both with such kindness and concern for others, make a perfect couple. And it is left at that.
The reception goes on with free-flowing drinks and appetizers for an hour or so. Then the party moves into the auditorium, which now has tables covered in linen and place settings. Everyone finds their tables. Tim and Abbie are escorted to the head table. The Chairman and his wife, and four of the top executives and their partners, are sitting. With two center places for Abbie and Tim.
Dinner was delightful, the food delicious, and the conversation lively. Abbie, sitting next to the Chairman’s wife, is charmed that she asks Abbie about her job and what it involves. The Chairman’s wife is inquisitive about the different they support and in what way. Her questions are intelligent and knowledgeable, which surprises Abbie. It is rare for Abbie to talk with someone so well versed on the LGBTQ community. So much so, Abbie invites her to visit Pathways for a tour and more.
About then, dinner and dessert finished, attention turned to speeches of welcome to Tim’s new position and division. Speeches and comments about how the division will Microga keep its rating in their industry. After much lauding of Tim’s abilities, he is asked to say a few words. He agrees only because he was warned he would be asked a couple of days ago to prepare. Tim sucks down his fears and gives warm and heartfelt comments about his appreciation for this opportunity. He goes on to express his gratitude for those who have helped him over the years.
This part comes as a total surprise to all that are mentioned. They all feel they are who should be thanking Tim for what he did for them. For Tim to feel each are a learning experience for him, and how he appreciates the opportunity to be helping a colleague is so extraordinary that they are floored.
All more things for which his colleagues admire this man about.
Dinner finished, there is a more leisurely hour or so of dancing to the band hired and interacting with one another. While Tim and Abbie circulated some, they work their way out of the auditorium. Tim tells the Chairman he wants to show Abbie his new office, to which the Chairman is entirely on board for Tim to do.
So outside the party area, Tim steers Abbie to the elevator and up to the second level. Now in the low-lite hallway, they make it to his new office. The door closed behind them, and the lights in his office dimmed. Tim shows Abbie the view and features.
But that is not the real reason for this visit. Tim, lusting for Abbie from the moment they arrived, and more so as he watched her interact with all she met in such a kind and generous way, swings her to him and kisses her with fiery passion. Abbie responds in kind.
Hearing all the praises and kind feeling all his coworkers, on every level, have for Tim makes her treasure him even more. What a wonderful man, whose only enemy all these years is his own insecurities.
Abbie returns the fury with her kisses. She can feel how hard Tim is as their bodies crush together. Tim moves them towards his desk and there, lifts Abbie to sit on it. Her legs spread with Tim between them.
He goes to pull Abbie’s panties down and discovers she is not wearing any. This stops him for a second to look at Abbie questionably. She giggles and tells him she did plan on christening his office tonight and wanted to be prepared.
Tim shakes his head at her as he unzips his pants enough to take his now hard prick out. Abbie leans back enough for Tim to have direct access to her vag hole for him. He is already dripping enough precum to lubricate his target, pressing up into Abbie as she cries out quietly in response to Tim’s prick being inside her where it belongs.
They know they don’t dare take too long over this, but it is such a perfect moment, Tim her on his new desk. Now every day when he gets to work, he will probably remember this moment vividly.
Over and over, Tim is pressing up into Abbie. Her sides compress against his shaft, trying to hold him captive there. Both are breathing deeply and emitting guttural moans. Together they are reaching that ultimate point. Tim has made sure Abbie’s dress is up out of harm's way, both front and back.
The fast and furious pumping results in cries from both as Tim shoots up in Abbie, and she is releasing her juices over her stomach and mons. Coming down from that summit, calming, Tim pulls out from Abbie and grabs his handkerchief and wipes away her discharge, and tries to capture his contribution dripping out of her now also.
Cleaned up with no signs of what happened, both straighten themselves and head downstairs again. They walk back into the auditorium to more well-wishers. If they see that Abbie’s makeup is a little smeared or Tim’s lips a little redder from kissing, no one comments about it.
Tim is able to take Abbie onto the dance floor a few times, holding her tight as they move with the music. Abbie whispers to Tim, “This is the first time we have danced together. You are incredibly good, and for us to be able to dance together finally is so wonderful.”
Tim replies, “You aren’t bad yourself. And this evening seems full of first-time things which will be perfect memories for the years to come.” Abbie, so content to hear this from Tim, leans her head on his shoulder and sways with the music playing.

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