E077: The start of a road trip  

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4/11/2019 7:47 pm
E077: The start of a road trip

Emma’s gift of the Navigator to Donald for his birthday starts his mind churning and plotting. He came with an idea and more or less planned it the week or two before their birthdays. He isn’t exactly sure they should do it, but he thinks about it in terms of renting an SUV to make it happen.
Emma’s gift of the Navigator seems to be a sign yes, this should happen.
So, Donald scours maps, calculates things, and a couple of days after their birthdays presents his plan to Emma at breakfast.
“Emma, I would like you to see Cape Cod, where I spent so many summers, and now at the end of summer I think would be a perfect time to do so,” Donald begins. “We could drive there so you can see up close parts of the country on the way. We can make the trip in three days not pushing ourselves, but going I worked out for four days, stay there five or six days over Labor Day, and then three or four days back. Or more, if we want to stop and see things.”
Emma jumps from her seat to hug him for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Two weeks exploring the country and getting to see where Donald spent some of his happiest times. Who could ask for anything more? And she knows, once returned, their time will be wrapped up in teaching at the college, the Institute studies, organizational and board meetings. The carefree days of summer will be over. For a while at least, a trip to end the season sounds so perfect.
They talk some about the trip, but for the most part, Donald wants it all to be a surprise for Emma. They will leave the next Sunday morning, August 25th; it would give them plenty of time to make it to Cape Cod by Labor Day weekend.
Donald packs their bags, makes arrangements with Karen and Julie for while they are gone. The two women put together hampers and coolers full of drinks and snacks for them to enjoy as they drive along. Donald informed the Institute he would be away. Emma does the same with her obligations. She is giddy doing this; it is the first time she has ever informed them ‘she will be unavailable because she is on vacation.’
She also juggles a with the bank president who is unnecessarily and overly concerned with the amount Emma just spent on the cars. She did have such glee when she pulled to the bank in her new Mustang and walked in with a swing of her hips in a revealing sundress. She meets with him to assure him she knows she has more now than she could , and it is hers to do with as she likes. And she likes buying these new vehicles.
He stands his window with a heavy heart watching her drive away with the top down, her hair streaming out behind her. It is more than he can take; he tells Grace he does not want to be disturbed for the next hour. At his desk, he opens his pants, takes out a handkerchief to be prepared and begins to jerk himself to climax as he closes his eyes to visions of Emma before him.
Grace, at her desk, can hear his last moan as he comes and just gives a wry smile, knowing what it is all about.
Everything is in place by late Saturday afternoon for their departure in the morning. Including being closely trimmed and pampered by Sasha on Friday, when Donald explains they will be away again for a couple of weeks. Sasha keeps it to herself but is sad she will not see her two special friends for so long. She is starting to depend on and look forward to their Fridays together.
The next morning they are up, ready, and out the door by nine. Emma’s excitement about the trip is intoxicating. The trip is almost fifteen hundred miles one way. When they Montgomery, Alabama and enter onto I-59 about a hundred miles into the trip, a massive rush runs through Emma’s body making her quiver. She really is taking this trip across the country. How many states will she now visit to get there?
Montgomery is as far north as she ever went. And was only a high school day field trip to the state capital. As they leave Montgomery behind and head farther north, she is enchanted with everything she sees. Even simple farm fields make her cry out about the panorama around her.
Donald pats her thigh and tells her to pace herself; there is so much of the journey ahead.
They pass into Georgia, which will only be about twenty miles until Tennessee, but Donald sees a sign for a state park near Trenton, Georgia. Suddenly the idea of playing a different type of car bingo game comes over him.
“Emma, get the pad of paper out of the glove box and write where we left from this morning,” he tells her.
Emma, curious, follows his directions.
“Now below it, write 'Georgia'. When we get back to the car you can put a star beside it and then on the next line write 'Tennessee',” Donald directs her.
She follows his orders, wondering.
He takes the exit off the freeway and heads to the state park not far away. He drives through it as Emma enjoys the side trip. When he finds a nice deserted area, he pulls the car between some trees.
The back-seat floor of the Navigator has the hamper and cooler, but the seat is empty and wide. Donald comes around and opens Emma’s door and directs her to lie on the back seat, her calves and feet hanging out the door. Now Emma is wondering, but she feels herself dripping hard as she realizes what is about to happen.
Donald opens his pants and pulls out his hard cock and balls to let them swing free. He lifts under Emma’s dress and pulls her panties down off her and throws them into the front seat.
Emma is so ready for him. This morning in their hurry to get on the road, they had not had their usual morning sex time, so she is revved to go right now.
Donald thrusts his cock into her wet, lubricated, hole back and forth. As he does, he pants to Emma, “Welcome to Georgia.”
Emma laughs with delight at what he is saying. She now is starting to comprehend the sheet he is having her fill. Oh yes, if they do make sure they fuck in every state they drive through, Emma should be well tended by the time they get to Cape Cod.
She turns her attention back to what is happening at the moment to enjoy it fully. She wiggles and squirms with each of Donald’s thrusts. His prick feels so good in her. She feels herself begin to throb and starts clenching him with each of his thrusts.
Both are red-faced from the pleasure and grunting in such an earthy manner. Emma cries out “Oh, oh, oh” as she feels Donald press against her cervix.
They hear a car drive by on the road not far away, but they are on the side of the car away from the road, and Donald is leaning into the seat over her, so no one can really see anything but a car parked, though the internal light is on. Somehow this heightens the sexual tension they are both so trying to shake off.
To think of someone seeing them fucking this way, out in the open. Ever since Emma’s walk to the beach when on vacation over the Fourth of July, she has more and more desire to ‘show off’ to people for them to see the 'new her' fully.
Donald can sense her arousal when the car drives by, and it excites him thinking about the possibility of being ‘caught’ in the act. He would never try to take a chance they would be caught, but the fantasy of it is now running through his brain.
Thrusting and clenching and crying out in excitement which is lost to the forests, Donald and Emma soon reach wonderful peak together as Donald dumps his load deep inside Emma. She arches, shudders, clenches him so hard milking it all out of him as she succumbs to an orgasm running through her whole body.
Donald leans down and kisses her deeply, and on her neck and ears; he can not get enough of her scent and the taste of sweet and salty glistening perspiration. They slowly back to the reality, and Donald stands, grabs a towel and wipes Emma a bit before she stands. He adjusts himself back into his pants and laughingly asks Emma how she likes Georgia.
Emma laughs so hard as she climbs back into the front seat it is not until they are back on the expressway she can reply. “Well, Donald, I think Georgia is just peachy,” she laughs her bad joke, as does Donald.
Donald continues to drive on, Emma now with her hand on his thigh as he does; the radio is playing some soft, enjoyable songs to which they sort of hum along. Emma does ask Donald if he would like her to drive for a bit, but he tells her he has things planned so it is not more than six hours or so driving each day, which he can handle.
Emma leans her head back against the headrest and closes her eyes for just a few minutes as she stokes Donald's thigh, an after-effect she seems to have after amazing sex with him.
Donald brings her to her senses only minutes later as he tells her to look. Ahead is the road banner saying, ‘Welcome to Tennessee.' All she can think is, they will soon pass the Mason-Dixon line and enter ‘Yankee’ territory, somewhere she has never ventured before. She laughs at her silliness.
Both still calm themselves from the fun in the state park. They pass into Tennessee and within minutes they are in Chattanooga. It is now a little after three p.m., and Donald plans this to be their first-night stop; he booked a very special room for them for tonight.
They drive along the curve in the Tennessee River and into more of the<b> downtown </font></b>district. Donald pulls the Navigator into the front of the MacArthur Train Station Hotel. He indicates which bags will be needed, and with his hand on Emma’s ass, which is now without panties, they walk in to register. The panties are now hidden in the center console of the car.
As they register, Emma receives a great surprise. They are not staying in the hotel, which is so elegant and charming. Rather, Donald booked them a Pullman car room on the train sitting at the back of the station.
Emma always dreamed about spending a night in a train car with someone, totally submitting herself while the train gently rolled along the tracks. Now she knows the movement won’t be happening, but the idea of sleeping on a train has her trembling and dripping. Her eyes tell Donald everything. He made the right and perfect choice for Emma’s first night on the road.
The bellboy leads them to their car for the night. After Donald stores their suitcases in some of the overhead baggage racks, they take a shower to wash the dust from the road off them. It is a rather small shower, requiring them to stand so close together as they soap and wash each other,
Cleaned, they dry themselves in the small bathroom space and return to the bedroom naked.
“Emma, we haven’t had a chance to try out your bracelets yet, would you like to?” Donald says to her with a bit of a wicked gleam in his eyes.
With lust in her eyes, so to know how it will work with these lovely bracelets/cuffs, she nods in return.
Donald brings out a length of golden chain. each end are smaller links getting larger until a nice sturdy size of links for most of the length until it tapers off again the other end. He clips one of the smaller ends to Emma’s right cuff; he takes the chain and over the bar of the upper baggage rack facing the station. He runs the chain through Emma’s pearl necklace loop, over the metal rack bar again. There are windows all along this side, but upward-turned blinds are somewhat hiding the view in the car.
He clips the other end to Emma’s bracelet on her left arm. This lifts her almost six inches off the ground.
“Emma, put your hands onto the heavy part of the chain to hold your weight, so it doesn’t let loose,” Donald instructs her.
Emma grabs both sides of the chain to hold by the thicker links, which lifts her a little more off the ground.
Here she is, hanging from a baggage rack on a Pullman train, naked, and facing out to the train platform where people are walking up and down. She knows the blinds somewhat hide her, but how much so? Suddenly it is like the first time in the kitchen at Donald’s house when he was pressing the plug up in her, and she thought people from the street walking by could see in at her.
Goodness, is she an exhibitionist? Does she want people to see her in such compromising positions? Just the thought makes fluids drip freely from her.
Donald leaves her dangling like this for a bit. It isn’t bad; as long as she holds the chains at the larger part she is balanced and unencumbered. She swings in place in a sort of circle feeling the air drift over her wet pussy making her shiver a bit. All is good.
And then it gets better.
Donald stands behind her as she faces the window and places his fingers in her slit and checks her wetness. Then he begins to finger- with her labia, vag, and clit, running his fingers and down her, entering her with multiple fingers, searching and finding her G-spot so she dances as lightning rods of lust run through her body.
Later his other hand’s fingers find their way to her ass as he brings her to climax. She can see the people walking by, but can they see her? They don’t often look her way, but the thrill of the possibility sends spasms through her whole body. What is coming over her?
She moans deeply with pleasure as she comes. Donald continues, not letting on the , making her again as her body shakes and shimmers as she feels the waves of the greatest satisfaction wash over her.
Donald slows then and takes his fingers from her, holding her by her hips as she calms. He tells her to grab the overhead baggage rack’s metal bar as he undoes her chain. Then holding her by her waist, he helps her to release and stand on the ground again.
Emma turns to Donald and kisses him with passion. He has taken her to another height.
Donald sits her on the desk chair and gets a warm rag to clean her juices away. He would like to enjoy treat himself, but both are now hungry, and it is getting late to get something to eat.
Dressed and ready, they leave the Pullman car and walk along the station platform past their car, Emma can see the lights on in the room behind the shades, but the way they are closed, she can’t see in at all. But then she realizes, looking a little closer, everyone would have seen her silhouette hanging there, and a man behind her with his arms around her.
Besides the blush comes to her face with this realization, Emma also feels shivers running through her with delight. She will always remember Chattanooga and its Choo-Choo so fondly.

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