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E039: Pearl Twenty-one  

Clairew1959 62F  
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12/27/2018 6:48 pm
E039: Pearl Twenty-one

Many things run through Donald’s mind as he holds Emma close to him in bed. What he plans for Emma to experience and come to want and expect might not be best with his changing feelings for her. Or does she need to be taken down these paths for her own benefit? Finally, he falls into a fitful sleep after he decides that he will continue down the planned route, and hope that it all works as it should.
Tuesday morning ritual complete, Emma tells him that she should go to her house for a bit today to arrange for the painters and to sort out more things. Donald knows he has work to do and papers to grade agrees with the plan, but tells her to be back, in the living room waiting for him at three o’clock.
Emma is surprised that it is an hour earlier but is overjoyed that he wants her back sooner.
She hurries through her tasks for the day, wondering all the time what new thing Donald has planned for her today. She still is curious about what is in the other bag from the paddle store, as she thinks of it, and ponders if that will be part of what is ahead.
Donald finishes his write-up and grading in a swift manner also, so he can plan out exactly what will happen. He makes sure everything is arranged and tells Julie what to have heating for their dinner, but that she and Karen should be out of the house by two-thirty.
All is ready.
Back in his den, he hears Emma enter the house just before three o’clock. He follows her movements as she goes to her room and undresses, brushes her hair some, and then goes to stand on her spot in the living room, her hands behind her head.
He waits for five minutes to allow her to tremble in anticipation before he goes to greet her. He is naked also for what is ahead.
He kisses her briefly and runs his finger up and down her slit enjoying how wet she is just waiting for him. Her soft sigh of contentment as he does lets him know she is primed.
“Emma, today we are going to visit a special place I have, and we will work you out there some and allow you to experience some of the delights available there,” Donald tells her as he takes her hand and leads her to a door in the hallway.
He opens it and she realizes that it is stairs to the basement. He has her walk down them in front of him, with his hand again on her ass cheek. At the bottom of the steps, she must turn to see into the finished room. There is a mirror opposite her so Donald can see the look on her face as she gazes over the basement.
It is a mixture of awe and incomprehension on her face as she sees what is in front of her.
The room is aglow in candlelight. There are ones lite all around the room giving off a soft radiance, enough to see everything by, but not in the harshness of bright light. Making it all seem dreamlike.
On one side, under the mirror displaying her, is a large bed, with cuffs on the head and foot boards. The sheet that is covering it is rubber.
In the center of the room is this large, maybe nine feet across, wheel type thing hanging from the ceiling with a chain with cuffs handing from it. On another wall is what is more or less a rack with handcuffs, and a bar type thing with ankle cuffs at the bottom. There is an open closet which has many vibrators, dusters, paddles and more in it. There is a higher stool next to the center ring with the package from the store sitting on it.
It is a playroom, but a very different kind of one Emma realizes. She is not worried, that much, as she knows Donald will never do anything more to her than she can handle, but just looking at the possibilities makes her shudder.
After yesterday and the peaks, they both reached, this seems like a very different diversion for them to undertake today.
Donald pushes her to enter the room, she looks over her shoulder at him and he just smiles at her. “Emma, I am sure you are going to come to enjoy this too,” is all he says.
He leads her to the center ring and has her raise her arms as he puts the leather cuffs on her. She must stand on her tiptoes to do so. He tells her to hold on to the leather handles near her hands to keep her grip. Being held so taut on her toes makes her muscles stretch in a new way.
Donald picks up the bag and sits on the stool as he opens the package. From it, he pulls a leather crop. The small couple inch paddle at the end he flaps through the air a few times.
“Emma, I realize that you need to get some exercise from time to time to stay in shape. So, we are going to start a program for you today. First, you are going to run around this ring for a while. To give you the incentive to keep up your speed I will help you along with this,” Donald tells her as he slaps the crop against the side of the stool.
Emma is mesmerized by what is being suggested. And to run on her toes?
“Let’s begin now Emma.”
She turns to face forward and begins to hurry, as fast as she can, around the circle. Her hands suspended above her, on her toes, it is not that fast of a go, but she feels her muscles stretch more as she does.
She passes Donald for the first time and she feels the slap of the crop quickly on each cheek. She lets out a groan as she feels the sting.
Around again and it is both of her tights which are struck. Donald tells her to lift her legs more as she runs to get the full workout. She tries to comply but finds herself off the ground almost doing so. But she continues, round and round the ring and feeling each swat as she passes Donald.
“A little faster if you can,” Donald presses her on.
She is dripping with perspiration from this exertion, but she is beginning to enjoy the spanks of the crop on her ass and thighs at each passing. Then Donald slaps her pussy with the crop as she passes him the next time and she jumps and cries out from the sudden assault.
But before she is halfway around the ring the warm glow she feels from it makes her hope he does it again. And he does. This is where she is spanked for the next ten or so rounds. Her cunt is on fire and she feels herself dripping down her thighs from the treatment.
She is panting hard now, she must have made over fifty turns around the circle, but Donald presses her on. She goes around again, now him switching where he strikes from her cheeks to her thighs, to her pussy and mons. She starts to slow some now in exhaustion, but she keeps going.
Her ankles and arches are strained from their position, but she will not give up. When she comes to Donald on the stool the next time, he puts his arm out to stop her and stands and releases her from the suspension cuffs. He holds on to her as she steadies herself on her feet again, kissing her head and telling her what a good girl she is.
Her ass and cunt are burning, but it is such a good burn to her. She holds on to Donald with her arms around his neck and thanks him for such a good work out.
“We will try to make sure we do this at least once a week to keep your muscles loose,” he tells her.
He lifts and carries her to the bed with the rubber sheet. He lays her on her stomach and goes and brings warm oil which he drips down her back, over her rosy cheeks and thighs and begins to massage it in. Emma just sighs at his sweet caresses on her now.
His oiled covered fingers reach between her legs and begin to run in on her sore mons and cunt making her gasp with pleasure.
“Does this feel good Emma?” he asks her.
“Oh, yes, sir, it does, thank you for your kind attention,” she replies.
Her subservience is so delightful for Donald to hear.
He finishes rubbing the oil in all over her back and tells her to turn over, and he does the same on her front. Starting at her neck, down her arms, then slowly, so slowly over her breasts, massaging the oil into to her nipples and<b> areola. </font></b>The warm oil is so welcoming to Emma.
His gentle touch is almost as good as when Sasha rubs her. ‘Wait, she likes the touch of Sasha doing it more?’ This confuses Emma a little, she does like both their touch, but Sasha’s fingers are so much softer and tender in a way. Whatever, she loves the attention from both. Emma just moans some as Donald continues down her body.
And when he finally, after finishing both legs, spreads her thighs and drips the warm oil up and down her slit and then, then, his fingers playing her so well there. She feels them slide into her, and press against her now discovered g-spot and she lets out such a cry of joy.
Donald does not play her there long today, there are other things for her to discover.
He turns and picks up a wicker candle from the table by the bed and lights it from the candle burning there. He lets it catch its flame and then turns to Emma with it.
“These are special candles, to provide you pleasure, which I hope you will enjoy,” Donald tells her, as he holds it over her breasts and turns it so the wax drips down on Emma’s nipple.
The warmth of the wax hitting her sends a rush through her. Oh my.
He moves it to her other nipple and drips a ring around its<b> areola </font></b>too. Then a final drip just on the tip of her nipple. A gasp of excitement escape Emma’s lips.
Donald lets the candle drip down from between her breast to her navel, which he fills with the warm wax. Emma is wiggling with enthusiasm.
Then over her mons, she feels the wax covering her short-cropped hair, and it feels so sweet and wonderful.
Then he spreads her lower lips, as her legs instinctively spread. And he allows the wax to drip up and down her slit. The feeling is overwhelming for Emma and she arches her back and comes from all that has been building up in her since they have entered the basement. Her cries of exhilaration are loud and full.
Oh’s and yeses just flow from her lips.
Donald is getting excited himself from all this and allows a little wax to drip on the tip of his glans to share this feeling.
His glans covered in wax, he climbs between Emma’s legs and presses himself into her, the wax on both cracking a little from the thrust. Both semi-covered in wax they moan in unison with the pleasure of him being inside her once again.
Donald increases the speed and is pressing into her more and more, Emma responses by clutching against him with each thrust. The throbbing desire both are feeling as they consummate this act of yearning is overwhelming them. Panting and moaning from both in harmony echoes in the basement.
Donald cannot hold back any longer and fills Emma with his sperm. She cries out in pleasure as she feels herself being the vessel of his wanting. They cling to each other in mutual satisfaction.
Donald lowers his lips and sucks the wax off both of her nipples now. Then works his way down over her stomach and licks the wax from her navel. Down and down he goes nibbling away at the wax he left on her mons, then, oh then, the licks their mingled juices from her slit and cunt. It is like an elixir to him.
Emma moans and whimpers from this lovely attention being paid to her. Her ass is still warm from the crop’s attention, as is her pussy, but the wonderfulness of Donald’s tongue now there takes it all away.
When he feels she has been thoroughly cleaned, and he is full of her juices, he sits up and pulls Emma up beside him. “Emma are you up for a little more?” he asks her.
“Whatever you feel I should have or do sir, I am willing,” she replies.
This woman, so willing and eager even to explore new and strange things.
He walks her to the rack on the wall, her back to it, he lifts her arms and attaches the cuffs to them. Then kneeling at her legs, he spreads them and cuffs them, with the spreader bar attached. Her legs are wide apart now, she is an “x” on the rack.
Emma wonders what he will do to her in this position. But she does not have long to wait.
First Donald brings a feather duster and begins to run it up and down her body, spending the time to make her tingle where it most counts. The feeling is exquisite. She moans with the pleasure it is giving her. With this simple act of dusting her, Donald is taking her to the cusp again. She feels her whole body is on pins and needles with the charges running through her.
She cries out in desire as she arches her back and cums.
Donald slows his ‘dusting’ of her, so she can recover from that sudden explosion in her. Then he puts the duster away and brings the crop back. Slowly working his way all over her front body, he begins to slap it over and over. At her chest, he turns her breast a rosy shade, and the nipples almost violet from the slaps against them.
Down her stomach reddening it fully, and then her mons which he spanks over and over with the crop. And her legs so spread with the bar he can slap and spank her inner thighs over and over before paying attention to her clit and cunt.
Emma moans, sighs and cries out as each strike is felt. But it is a wonderful release of all her penned-up cravings.
Donald works all the way down her legs then, spanking over and over with the small headed crop to make her so rosy for him. All Emma is able to do is say “Thank you” over and over to him as he does. ‘Why does this so pleasure her?’ they both think.
After he has finished with the crop and she is rosy from head to feet, he puts the crop away and sits in the armchair which is across from the rack. Emma is starting to tire from her legs pulled so far apart by the bar, and her arms cuffed above her, but she will not complain or ask for a release. Her Donald will let her loose when the time is right.
But he makes her stay chained to the rack for over a half hour as he just looks at her with lust in his eyes. He can see that she is dripping again, her cunt and mons now glittering with her juices. Some run down her thigh a bit which watching happen makes him hard.
Emma just stares at him in the chair. A small smile on her lips as she sees him starting to harden.
‘Oh, please sir, put that back into me again for me to feel your lust and I can pleasure you,’ Emma thinks as she watches.
When the half hour ends, Donald comes up to her and undoes the cuffs, first from her legs, then her wrists. He lifts her up and she swings her legs around his waist, feeling his hard cock just brushing her slit.
He carries her to the bed and drops her on it as he falls between her legs and enters her. All in a matter of seconds they are comingling again. Feeling his hard cock up in her fully is euphoric. Emma is throbbing so much the clenching against Donald’s cock is mesmerizing. He presses into her over and over to feel her clench.
It is too soon, but just in time, when they both cum so hard once again.
Emma flings her arms around Donald’s neck and just kisses him fiercely. And he in his own lust returns the kisses in kind.
They fall together into a dreamlike state of bewilderment. Clinging together they fall to sleep. Both exhausted from all that has happened in the last few hours. It is over an hour later that they awake together. Just smiling stupidly at each other.
The candles are almost all burned out, but there is still a hazy glow through the room.
“I think dinner is probably ruined now,” Donald tells Emma stroking hair. “How would you feel about us just ordering a pizza instead?”
“That would be wonderful sir,” Emma replies obediently.
He heads her to the stairs, blowing out the last of the candles as they go. He turns the stair light on and guides her upstairs.
There, first they go to the kitchen and Donald takes the overcooked casserole out of the oven. He calls and orders a pizza, then opens a bottle of wine which they take to the living room. He throws an afghan over Emma and goes and puts a shirt and shorts on to answer the door.
While they wait for the delivery, Donald undoes Emma’s necklace, and her twenty-first pearl is added.

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