Crossdresser fun  

Cdshellyboi 61T
9 posts
4/13/2021 4:05 pm
Crossdresser fun

Sure wish I could have a sissy cd friend who is a lot like ,we could have a lot of fun

Sonny992000 75M
215 posts
4/14/2021 7:08 am

Don't we all

ecross1961 70M
20 posts
4/14/2021 9:24 am

wish you were closer

peninsula_ 51M
184 posts
9/6/2021 10:04 am

Don't we all, too.

You can leave me a message here

jenniferwantsfun 66T  
4 posts
12/10/2021 6:09 am

shelly, I drive through brainerd often on my way to cabin, Lets hook up for coffee.

jenniferwantsfun 66T  
4 posts
1/7/2022 6:03 pm

lets get together and dress up and see who has a smoother body, Winner gets fucked.

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