Advice for a shy 18 yr virgin  

BrattyKittie 18F
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9/15/2021 7:30 pm
Advice for a shy 18 yr virgin

So I just turned 18 (yeah >.< and im still a virgin
Online Im all open with dirty talk, and stuff but I get all nervous when it comes to irl stuff.
Im rather picky too lol, but I really wanna have a hard fuck for a first time.
Help a girl out!

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
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9/15/2021 9:34 pm

Hi BrattyKittie.....

Well being 18 and a virgin is not a bad thing. Acting out what you like online and knowing what you like is good thing a great place to start. And at 18 believe me everyone is nervous when it comes to intimacy especially for the first time. You should definitely be picky for your first time.... hopefully your remember it forever for all the RIGHT reasons. Helping a girl out.... well I am gonna try. Question I have for you.... is do you masturbate? If so do you use your hands or do you have a favorite toy? Assuming you masturbate.... you already know what you like so for that first time.... make sure you communicate with the guy as much as possible and tell him what you like. If your uncomfortable verbally telling him then might I suggest doing a little strip tease for him followed by you self masturbating before actually getting pounded like a Brat (again if you have toy use it) . It serves two purposes.... one it will allow you to get nice and wet and comfortable. Secondly if he see's you doing what you like he sure to follow suit when it comes to PUNISHING your pretty pink virgin pussy. Now these options may not be for you these are only my recommendations. I look forward to reading your response. Hopefully it helps you out.


doncarinio 47M
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9/15/2021 10:09 pm

Wooow baby
Mi fetiche es complacer complacer y mas complacer a una mujer.
Sinceramente espero que tu 1a vez sea mejor de lo que imaginas 🤍🖤
Lastima que estamos lejos ...
Te deseo el extasis y muchos orgasmos 💧🔥💧
Besos desde Chile para ti, dulce y perversa tentación

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Don_Nuevo 28M
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9/15/2021 10:37 pm

Take your time. There's honestly no rush. It's cliché but you'll know when you're ready

pytimesx 62M
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9/15/2021 11:26 pm

Then you're a fool. Either that or yours is a fake profile and this assertion is just more bullshit on the horizon.

Like first penetration during any sex, a virgin will never experience the first time 'ever' again. But go ahead and waste it on some jackass that doesn't know what he's doing. This assertion suggest neither do you so you won't be missing a thing (ever).

Or, you could try reading a book or two on the subject - "printed", not internet blogs that haven't been vetted and qualified by a publisher.

Liam25649 19M

9/16/2021 12:20 am

Im a virgin too at 18 years old but Im so ready to fukc and thats why im on here

nsnguystill 69M
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9/16/2021 2:32 am

so you want the first time to cum with fireworks and earth shattering orgasms'.... sad thing is that first time lovers are usually close in age. and as this guy so elegantly stated " Im a virgin too at 18 years old but Im so ready to fukc and thats why im on here"
i guess you, like the millions, and millions, before you. will just have to stumble through untrained cocks... untill you discover what tickles your G-spot.
bonne vie

there is a world of difference between insane and stupid

windsjohn 71M  
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9/16/2021 9:44 am

Yea, you've heard it all the time. Don't give it up to just any asshole. It must be to the one you THINK you truely love. That's BS too. A little. If you want to make it meaningful that is. For the most part, girls need that emotional connection to her first lover. Guys.. They say they do need it too, but they are ALL lying.. They just want to fuck. Like Liam above. (Sorry Liam for throwing you under the bus)

If you want to have sex, ya go through the trash to finda good one. And in the process you'll discover what you like and how to manipulate us perverts in giving it to you the way it's best for you. Don;t settle for just any old dick during your life.. Work on getting the best, Sexually and emotionally

niceguy4umd 46M

9/16/2021 10:03 am

take your time and be sure the first one is special!

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
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9/16/2021 10:22 am

My advice is take your time, get to know and trust the guy you want to have sex with. Once lost, it can't be found again!

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