The suspense is killing me.  

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12/31/2021 12:32 pm
The suspense is killing me.

"What are you doing?" my girlfriend asked suspiciously as I stepped into the ensuite with my hands behind my back.

"Oh, nothing I replied innocently, grinning.

She had just stepped out of the shower and was towelling off. I gasped her by the wrist and quickly snapped a handcuff around it. She gave one indignant 'HEY' as I yanked the towel ou of her hand and quickly snapped the other cuff around her other wrist.

"Look," she said. "I'm not in the mood for this. HEY!"

From behind my back I pulled the rope I had hidden by tucking it into my waistband. One end was tied to a carabiner, which I clipped to the handcuffs. I tossed the other end over the shower curtain and hauled on it pulling her hands over her head. When she was up on tip-toes I tied it off on the shower hardware. We had one of those multi-head units with side prayers as well as a rain head, and it was quite sturdy. My girlfriend made a few feeble protests, but her heart was not in it. We had both had crazy schedules lately and had not had sex for over a week. I knew she needed it. I certainly did.

I stepped behind her, running my hands over the front of her body, stopping to squeeze and puller her nipples. In short order her protests became moans of pleasure, as I knew they would. I moved to her right side, pulling her head back by the hair and devouring her mouth with mine, as my right index finger slid between her thighs. As expected, she was already wet. I began to slide the tip of my finger back and forth over her clit, and she responded by grinding her pelvis on my hand. She came very quickly, and hard. She could not stop her legs from buckling and her full weight came down on her wrists. I knew she would be wearing long sleeves for a few days to hide the marks.

I picked her up and stood in front of her, pulling her close and sliding my cock between her legs, back and forth between her labia, which got it very wet. She responded with moans and fuck-movements of her hips, and in short order she came a second time. This time I wrapped my arms around her and held her up. Since the angle was no good for deep penetration I decided to change things up a little. I turned her around and slid my cock between her ass cheeks. By bending my knees a little and angling my cock up, I was able to slide it slowly and smoothly up her ass.

It had been a long time, and after only a few strokes I groaned, trembled, and shot cum into her rectum.

I imagine she knew what I was up to all along.

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