In a restaurant? Seriously?  

Bobobobo2626 60M  
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1/11/2022 8:41 am
In a restaurant? Seriously?

My girlfriend had always been an exhibitionist.

She loved making out in public and was big into fucking on the balcony of our high-rise apartment. The more people that looked up and watched us, the hotter she got. But this was ridiculous.

We were sitting in a sushi restaurant in a 'private' booth. Private in the sense that it was up against the back wall of the restaurant and surrounded by paper shoji screens that blocked the view and nothing else. We were enjoying our sushi and sipping Sake and having an intimate conversation. She had always been randy, and sometimes she took delight in discussing in detail the things we were going to do once we got back into our bedroom.

At one point she exclaimed '"Oh hell, I have dropped my chopstick. Be a dear and get it for me will you?" indicating that it had gone under the table. She was wearing a tight red sheath dress and could not move in it, and certainly could not crawl under a table to reclaim a utensil. I gave her an exasperated glance and slid down to look. The tablecloth was very long, only about a foot above the floor, and I had to shove it out of the way to see. Sure enough, the chopstick was there, but on the other side of the table and I would have to go right under to get it. I slid under the table, and it felt like being in a cave. As I reached for the chopstick she nudged me with her knee, and as I looked over she slid her dress up to her hips and spread her legs. She was wearing no panties. She leaned over and whispered "You know what I want."

I shifted around until I was kneeling in front of her and slid my hands up her thighs. She responded by spreading her legs more, and I pushed my head between them and began to lick. I could feel her begin to tremble, and hear her breath come in long ragged gasps. She was working very hard to stay quiet. We could easily hear wait staff and customers walking right past our booth through the shoji screens, which provided very little privacy after all.

Suddenly she stiffened, and I could feel her body spasming as she came.

At that very instant the shoji screens slid open and I heard the waitress ask "Is there anything you...." followed by a pause, then the sound of the screens being slid closed.

I looked back, and realized that although the long tablecloth hid almost everything, the tips of my shoes were poking out.

I almost crashed the car laughing on the drive home.

ThatOtherMan_TOM 61M
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1/11/2022 2:47 pm

Bold move! Hope someone got a big tip, lol!

LadiesR2B1rst 58M  
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1/11/2022 6:45 pm

My favorite part of this blog was when you mentioned how she like discussing what she liked and wanted. Thanks for sharing.

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1/11/2022 7:48 pm


Lkn4funwith2 56M  
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1/11/2022 11:45 pm

Definitely my kind of woman = )

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