Lessons for My Potential Submissive  

Bliss00777 67T  
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1/23/2020 5:25 pm
Lessons for My Potential Submissive

UPDATE 2/2/2021

My dear one,
Know how already pleased I am with your many attractive qualities, so apparent with our first conversations and with our first meeting. The discovery of your natural submissiveness in your responses to the initial tastes of my naturally-dominant actions was the delicious icing on the delicious cake that you had brought to the table, our mutual appetites now even more stimulated to be satisfied with the pleasures of further explorations in the future. With the memories made with the experiences from my first<b> lesson </font></b>fresh in your mind, know that your next lessons are being formulated to make more memories that will expand upon the dynamics of the beginnings of our personal and erotic connection.
Guiding principles for you as my submissive will be to embrace my preferences and desires as your own, to seek to please, serve and obey me in every any and every way, to be pleasing to all of my senses, to entertain, amuse, arouse and satisfy me as directed and with your own initiative at times as well. You will be inspired to learn more about what will please me with an eager curiosity, then aspire to show me with your words and actions that you are perfectly in tune with my directions and expectations. Whether in public or in private, you will not be shy to express your sincere interest in me with your attentiveness, affections and seductiveness, comfortably incorporating “Mistress” into your responses, questions and requests.
Upon crossing the threshold of my realm with me, you will take your proper place in my arms for a prelude of sensual and passionate caresses, embraces and kisses. As I sit upon my red couch, you will take your new proper place sitting at my feet, to imbibe in our respective drinks as we visit in depth about both general and intimate topics, as I show you some of the ropes, toys and adornments that will be used upon you. You will learn consistent politeness, asking permission to do what you would normally do on your own, which will be very pleasing to me. “May I please take a drink of my drink, Mistress?” “Yes, you may.” “Thank you, Mistress.” Upon my direction, you will shed your clothes slowly and seductively to bare the delectable fruits of your bountiful cornucopia of flesh as offerings to me, symbolically shedding any obstructions, inhibitions and limitations towards giving all that be pleasing to me. You will be shown the traditional submissive poses to best display each of your offerings of your flesh to me with readiness and openness for my inspection. You will learn the proper ritual for the acceptance of my cuffs upon your wrists and ankles, of my collar upon your neck, to symbolize your belonging to me at least for whenever you are with me. You will experience new sensations as I introduce you to other adornments that I will choose for you to enhance your natural beauty. You will be directed to slink and frolic about for me on your hands and knees without any hesitations on your part, tending to any of my needs -- for a fresh beer, for example, by retrieving one for me, with wiggles on your way to the fridge and jiggles upon your return. How pleasing it will be for me to relax as I savor and enjoy all of the sounds, sights, scents, feel and tastes of you, with interludes of kissing and touching, all enhancing this stage of our unique and special foreplay. Anticipation and intrigue continue to simmer and grow within you for whatever lessons will follow, what will be the sensual and erotic scenarios that I have been planning for you.
Whenever I sense that the time is right, I will take you to your next proper place in my bed, you to wear my blindfold to signify your total trust in me as well as to sharpen your other senses. I clip my leash to my collar on your neck to lead you as you crawl there, where you will experience more of my dominant attentions that will further unleash your inner submissiveness. You will first be spread and tied down on your stomach to the four corners of my bed, my talented hands, fingers, mouth and tongue, some of my stimulating toys, to slowly and fully explore every inch of you that is now totally exposed for my pleasures, you to then feel the sensual rhythmic swishes and thuds from my floggers upon you, lulling you into a most peaceful state of mind. Though bound in total helplessness and vulnerability in my soft black ropes, your spirit is totally freed to soar, the mystery and thrills for how I will choose to use you next quite apparent as I periodically check on how you are feeling as well the extent of your arousals. Deprived of any ability to kiss, touch, caress or embrace me, you are eager to do so with heated passion, to show your gratitude for my dominant attentions thus far, to then be released for a brief moment. I then choose to tie you down again, this time spread open on your back. My explorations resume upon the flip side of your offerings of flesh that are now exposed for my pleasures, as I play your body as a Maestro plays the most beautiful instrument, as I adorn your body as a Mistress Artist creating a beautiful piece of art from a blank canvas. Inevitably, as you respond to each and every new experience and sensation introduced to you, there will be times when you will be on the verge of orgasm with giggles, moans and even shouts, always appropriate for you to then ask permission to be allowed to cum and then to do so only when my permission to do so has been granted.
At some point, you will beg for release from my ropes, to again be allowed to express your gratitude for my dominant actions, to be given permission to remove my clothes, to be rewarded with the opportunity to freely kiss, touch and embrace me as you passionately press your bare flesh against mine, to unite your incredible wetness with my incredible rock hardness with episodes of the most amazingly intimate love-making, the ultimate in shared ecstasies, explosive shared climaxes that totally consummate our truly unique and special bond again and again. So it will be for us, my dear, as we endeavor to discover and explore each sensual, taboo and kinky possibility whenever we rendezvous, with me as your chosen Mistress and you as my chosen submissive. And – just the first steps towards the long caring and erotic journey to be traveled as one and all ways.


CountryArmy1976 46T

9/18/2020 1:15 pm

Very long Sir. As far as the protocol of speaking, it very much reminds me of training that I have had in the past. It also sounds like you have many years in the craft of the lifestyle as well Sir. Over time I have come across those who think they know and those who are true Alpha like you which act in the arts.

In the past I was a Mistress, then found my way as a submissive and even better as an alpha submissive.


JessicainBlm 64T  
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7/5/2021 5:43 pm

Oh my. Please make me yours. I ache for you!!

Bliss00777 67T  
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7/9/2021 2:52 am

That pleases me so very much. Mistress Dee Dee

PetraCD57 65T
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11/21/2021 1:47 pm

I am squirming in my seat, breathing really heavy after reading your lesson Mistress Dee Dee. But I will only agree to this if it pleases and amuses you

PetraCD57 65T
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11/21/2021 4:47 pm

I agree to the above

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