BlessedBelow336 29M
4 posts
1/4/2021 12:01 am

What’s you guys favorite positions
Back shots

BiSussi 61F
1405 posts
1/6/2021 10:26 am

It sounds like you are open for male and females or is it that you more into SEX than love making?

You are handsome, your age is good, women who are into SEX will be all over you and so a guyswhile other women , like me, OR THE ONES WHO WANT YOUR SOUL, read every word very careful. Will only meet up or open up if they find you not only handsome, but also caring, loving and being able to show YOUR LOVE
Happy 2021 to you& many ...\8 opportunities

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

bozz962 63M
22 posts
1/6/2021 8:00 pm

that may be my favorite position but I also love them all

TequilaSilver102 26F
1 post
1/28/2022 7:31 pm

Missionary, it gets overwhelming at times but I like being over powered

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