the Fax of Life - can we fix this?  

AvocadoApple 43M
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1/25/2022 3:30 pm
the Fax of Life - can we fix this?

Yeah, not quite the birds and the bees facts of life but this:

YOU: calling least a half dozen times today, trying to send me a fax

ME: picking up the 'phone every time, but hearing the sweet 'b-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-p' of love..

I hear you, I know you're there, because I can hear you making cute sounds when I pick-up. Frankly I'm intrigued.

Call me crazy, but when you beep like this I can just picture our future together; walking together hand-in-hand along the beach (okay, let's pretend it's not the Ice planet of Hoth, as in Chicago) - or getting cozy and cuddling by the Christmas tinseled fireplace, both of us without a care in the world.

We could go out together and make facsimiles of products we like, but not buy them.

We could scan documents on to a networked computer - if you're comfortable with that?

We don't have to take things too quickly, that's not my style, and I'm every inch the gentleman who presently is free and single in this new year.

There are two ways we can do this:

(1) either ring me again (or 'call me' if I'm translating from my British mother-tongue) and maybe say a few words this time, or if this is too forward;

(2) call the fax line instead, and send that sweet, sweet information you've been meaning to transmit.

Don't be shy.. I've been waiting, wanting, and willing to receive whatever comes out of the adjustable paper slot.

Please send a sign to my 8.5 x 11" heart before it rips...

x o x

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