Supermarket Roulette - are you game? (Men are from Mars, and Women are from Twix?)  

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1/17/2022 4:15 am
Supermarket Roulette - are you game? (Men are from Mars, and Women are from Twix?)

I've not been in Chicago long, and am still learning my way around - but the one thing that really impresses is the diversity of supermarket<b> shopping </font></b>available.

- problem is, I comprehend Chinese, Korean, and Japanese kanji just about as well as I can read Greek and Russian, I've next to no clue. I am bi-lingual though, I speak English and have an understanding of American...


So here's the game.. the rules are very simple:-

- you must be hungry;

- we wander around the supermarkets picking up whatever we might fancy, whether or not we understand the packaging or can read the signage;

- after we've pillaged the local emporiums we head back to the kitchen to figure out what to do with our plunder...

(eating on the hoof is allowed, as are raids on local pizzerias, Asian or Hispanic take-outs and 'hole-in-the-wall' joints; it's all game and spontaneity scores points)


Now here's the 'boring' but necessary stuff:-

- you should probably have skimmed (and garnered at least a basic understanding of) my Heated Affairs profile, yeah I know it's a couple of pages, but don't you think to read the fine print, or to put things another way - to look before you leap?

If you'd like to know more I can explain - providing you bribe me with a chocolate bar - but none of this Hershey rubbish!

(actually, now that Hershey is making stuff under license for other chocolate manufacturers, their offerings have become more appealing to Europeans like me)


NB: I can handle most types of protein (in the kitchen) and over various different forms of heat, but since this is a team effort combined with the unknown and a random element to be dialed up or down (according to the prevailing weather/desires/neighbourhood's offerings etc) the objective is to simply enjoy a little culinary creativity and kick back and have some fun.

Fancy playing Supermarket Roulette?

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