Wait! You Can Do What?  

ArlenQiric 52M   
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12/20/2021 8:44 am
Wait! You Can Do What?

One does not just casually drop incredible off the wall statements into conversation and then just keep on going like you never said it!

Perhaps an example will help. Many years ago and in a far away land at someone else military base several friend of mine and I were enjoying dinner at the bar. While sitting at the bar eating and drinking and talking with the rather attractive bartender the topic of what strange thing can you do that others can not do came up. After several of us told our strange thing my friend sitting to my right dropped this atomic bomb: "I can suck my own dick."

BOOM! There is was right in the middle of I can do all this rather normal strange stuff that bomb went off. My head quickly swiveled right. As it did I surveyed the female bartenders face of stunned horror on the edge of Oh I want to see that. "Wait! You Can Do What?" was all I could say. Before anything else could be said events stared to slide side ways quickly. A woman sitting to my friends right loudly proclaims "I want to see you suck your own dick, in fact I'd pay to see it!" Next thing I know woman from all over the bar are handing the bartender 20 Pound notes and they are starting to chant "Suck It."

The bartender holding two hands of money was like well I guess you need to do it. So my friend climbed up on the bar, dropped trowel, and gave a show of putting half his dick into his mouth and sucking it.

With that a group of Para's started one hell of fight as all there wives and girlfriends cheered my friend on. It did not take long for the Royal Military Police to show up and start to try and break things up. The bartender shoves all the money she is holding at me and tells us this way, out the back before you get arrested.

So please be careful when casually drop incredible off the wall statements into conversations. You truly never know what might happen.

lickuall2197555 46M
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1/4/2022 7:35 am

It would be incredible to do it

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