Nerdy Guys  

Applebutter2018 41F
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1/25/2022 12:41 am
Nerdy Guys

I met a younger shy nerdy shy guy at a little bar a few weeks ago. Probably never been laid. After a few beers I started to ask about his fantasies. He wants to tie up girls and just have his way. He also wants to walk them around on a leash etc. We took a walk afterwards and flirted when we started to pass a trail head. He asked men to walk down it. So after about 20 feet i slowly got down on all fours and looked up at him and said I'm ready for my walk if you have a leash. He quickly made one out of his belt and a phone charge cord. I was only wearing yoga pants and a hoodie.

Then he stopped me and told me Ive been so fucking bad and slapped be twice in the face and a few times really hard on the ass. I was stunned but turned on. He grabbed my arms and tied them to waste so fast. He pulled my hoodie over my head so I couldn't see. He picked me up and carried me to a fallen tree where he tied my ankles up to trees so I was spread eagle. Thats when I felt him rip a hole in the crotch of my pants so he could kiss my pussy and spit on it. He straddle my face and rubbed his dick all over it forever and made me beg for him to<b> fuck </font></b>my mouth. He had thought about this before. He pulled out his phone and filmed it. He finally came all over my face before blindflolded me and gagged me for what must've been 2 hours., When he removed them there were 3 of his littler nerdy friends with their dicks out touching me all over and took turns fucking my face, pussy and tits. They let me go after they had cummed all over me and got dressed. So I went over to one of them and pulled out his dick and told him wasn't done. I made him cum again in less than a minute. I still wasn't done.

RobK2006 54M  
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1/25/2022 5:32 am

I always seem to get a hard-on when I read your posts. My fav part was when he ripped a hole in the crotch of your yoga pants and kissed your pussy.

69ereatwetpussy 59M  
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1/25/2022 5:56 am

One never know what goes on in any man's head
But when a woman want a man she know what it takes
Just glad this guy want some sex addict and you didn't get hurt
Or killed. Be safe with strangers. But at least you got what you wanted and so di they. Wish it was me. XoxoxoThomas

LadiesR2B1rst 58M  
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1/25/2022 3:22 pm

I'm glad it worked out for you. Just be careful out there .

1123spinner 74M
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4/21/2022 6:11 am

Your posts are a great turn-on for me. I get an erection just imagining being the guy with you. Still -- I could show you a lot more unusual situations I learned in southeast Asia in Army from girls there. Give me a shout. Athens guy here.

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