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BEWARE Big Cats Have Teeth and Claws
Posted:Jan 23, 2016 10:30 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2017 6:55 am

All I knew was that I was starving. I hadn't seen her or heard from her all damn day. We had been passing like ships in the night with O/our work schedules. She was still adjusting to a new country and I was giving her space and time. But, I believe W/we need to reignite O/our true selves and lifestyle tonight was all I could think.
I got home before her for once. There was a message on the phone. She was stopping for smokes and and milk. Shaking My head as I growled loudly though the halls of the house, The darted under the bed. I calmed down and suddenly a grin crossed My lips like the Grinch's.
I head to the bathroom and started the water and poured in bubble bath. I went to her closet and got out the heels I wanted. I got her collar and laid it on the bed. Going back to the bath I turned it off as the mirror was steamed with the heat and humidity from the water. I got out her body butter and the perfume I wanted. Her brush was out as well as warmed towel fresh from the drier as I heard the front door open.
Heading down the hall as I heard her call My name. I took the stuff from her arms and kissed her hungrily as her eyes popped and melted to close and her lips returned the heat. Breaking the kiss I said "bath, now baby girl." She looked at Me a bit cock eyed and hesitant but turned to go down the hall to the bathroom. I heard purrs and moans as I walked in behind her. I began to help her from her clothes and was none to gentle." Bathe and unwind a bit as you have chores to do," I growled. I got the inquisitive look and head tilt. Rolling My eyes I left the room shutting the door behind.
My heat and hunger higher yet as I had it in My head. Cock as straight as steel against My belly and poking over My underwear waist band with a clear pearl of precum in the eye.Slipping from My clothes I sat in the chair at the foot of the bed waiting. I heard her call out< "What now Master?" Perfume and bring Me your body butter. I heard her soft hiss.
She comes in and the perfume beats her to the room as My hard cock twitches at the aroma. Taking the body butter as she sees the collar and heels. Smiling, "that kind of night is it?" I turn her to lay across the bed and slap each ass cheek sharply. "Did I say ask questions?"sprawling over the bed as she winces and grabs her ass cheeks. Growling loudly as she removes her hands quickly. Taking My hands and scooping a liberal amount in My hands I work it into her flesh firmly along the back of her neck down along her back and pert butt and well muscled legs and including her feet. standing back up and removing My hard cock that was laying against her I see wet spots on her back and butt, smiling. "Roll over baby girl".....whispering softly. As she rolls I again scoop the body butter and begin with her neck and sliding My hands over her supple breasts kneading and working the cream in to her flesh. Chocolate colored nipples perk and protrude upward excitedly. Hands roll over her tummy and then over her mound. Cupping and caressing her dark folds I don't miss the chance for a squeeze and some stimulation as I press the heel of My palm over her clit. hands then roll over her thighs and to her calves as I finish.
Standing and walking to the chair again murmuring "heels and collar" as I sit.
Eyes staring as she adorns herself as told. "Pleasure slave" I command evenly as I watch her assume the position on the bed. "Eyes up looking at Me", as I command again and start to stroke My hard cock for her to see blatantly. Watching her as hr fingers curl into the bedding and she licks her lips hungrily. Standing to move to the edge of the bed as I command, "nadu". Watching her shift and backing up to My hot and starving flesh and body.
My hands slip from My cock to her body as they roam her flesh hot and rough as fingers curl and rake along her torso and leave little red furrows and trails over her tanned and heated and creamed flesh. Clawing over your mound as I shiver in excitement and anticipation of the feel of your molten core. Fingers slide over your dark and already wet petals coated with your nectar.One hand sliding into My tigress' ebony mane and knotting a ponytail into My hand as I push you down to the bed.Growling loudly as I ache to take you and make you Mine once again. The one hand slips from your breast and caresses over the bat......eyes close as I hiss between clenched teeth My heat and hunger reaching critical mass. Arching My hips as the hand slips to your mound and spreads you a bit so My slick cock can slide along your wet opening with My thick long cock meat and swollen and pulsing cock head. Rubbing slow and steady through your hot wet slit as I pick up the pace. You hungry little girl as I hear her moans and mewls of heat and desire. Those sounds fanning My own flames of lust and setting Me to a fever pitch. Face curling as a snarl slips from My lips and I yank at your raven tresses in My hand. Your head bowed and pulled back to My face as I stare into your dark ebony eyes as I slam My hard and throbbing cock inside My slave cunt hard and deep.
Cock slamming deep and viciously as I ravage My sweet slave cunt plundering your molten core with My turgid tool. Teeth gnashing as I slam back and forth along your slick wet fuck hole.Claws and teeth working to scrape and rake at your flesh over your hips and back and those taut ass cheeks......leaning over to sink My teeth harshly into your shoulder. "Baby girl wanna be let go to use her claws and teeth?", I ask. Hearing your moans and the slightly audible affirmative slip from your lips with your purrs and mewls as you roll to the side as I continue to bury My steely shaft in your cunt hole. Feeling your painted claws reach for My hip and thigh and sink in to My fevered flesh deliciously. Head and neck snap back and roll as I feel your body writhe and spasm as your slave belly, thighs and cunt coil to reach their explosive release. Bed and bodies rocking as I take you hard and fast like a wild animal. Chest heaving as I suck in the air as fast as I can as I hammer your hot little hole filling your insides with My fuck meat stuffing you full.
Drilling out your heated slut hole as I aim to crack your volcanic cap and have your hot magma roil over My slamming cock licking and kissing around My searing flesh. Cock careening through your quim as I crash through your fuck tunnel to slam to your back wall. Face curls into a feral mask as My heat erupts and swollen sac and bloated balls spill over, Feeling your muscles contract then explode as your juices spray and splash wetly as the squelching sounds of your sodden vagina are drowned out by your moans and growls and squeals of pleasure . Plundering your inner walls harsh and savage as I feel the burn of My muscles as My hips, knees, and back lock up and arch into you as deep as ican go. Pearly white ropes Of cock cream blast from my spasming cock head as it baths and splatters onto your cum coated walls. Head snapping back as I mouth splits open as I cut loose a feral and hideously ferocious roar. Fingers act as claws from the both of U/us as teeth sharp and needy for flesh tear and bite at each other as I smell and taste the coppery substance in the air and on My lips. Shuddering as I feel it all ...........the teeth and claws...........

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The Search
Posted:Jan 23, 2016 8:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2016 10:35 am

She had a gnawing inside her belly that said life wasn't the way it should be for me. She didn't know why. She knew she needed more and wasn't being sated with whatever she tried so far.
He had been through to damn many too. His heart had given up and gone cold. he cared not a lick for much around him. He knew there was more to this life than what he was experiencing.
She searched through the net looking and seeing with eyes wide taking in all she could find regarding sex, relationships, and different life styles. She found something that piqued her interest and as she read she felt a burn in her belly and heat in her loins. Could it possibly be this? She shook her head slowly as the pictures and thoughts washed over her.
He too took to the net and searched long and hard for someone with similar and like tastes in sex as no one seemed to have an interest in what he wanted or he could not meet their needs other than immediate and not long term. he found something new. A trigger was pulled and a bang went off in his head. But, he had been there before and was scared to go back.
Both were alone in their own worlds with no one close though one was married and the other lived with someone. Both belonged to a silly sex site. Both liked to write to illicit feelings they could bring forth with their words if for no other reason than to fight the clawing boredom.
They sought out like minded individuals to help them sate their individual hungers even for just an evening. it usually worked as both were sought for their styles and flair. Then it happened and they ran into one another. Something clicked and a spark was ignited. A smoldering slow burn started as words began to fuel the fires of imaginations and animal desires. They sought each other out. She made a remark he thought curious. He must've done likewise. Words were being bandied about like Sir, sub, Dom, slave, Master, Daddy, baby girl, pet, slave. Both their senses and bodies responded in like to electricity ripping through their every nerve. He asked......she accepted........the search continues.......
But, now they do it together with a fire and bond unbreakable by another. The heat they exude is noticed by one and all as they continue to claim friends and sycophants. They blindly roam and spread their heat from one spot to another leaving their scents behind as well as searing and smoldering bodies as they look in awe at the pair. And the pair adore one and all as they are in a state of adoration with each other and have feelings enough to share.
And so it goes........and they go on.......searching together...........

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Master’s Desire
Posted:Jan 22, 2016 8:29 am
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2022 8:31 am

Master’s Desire
Master desires My baby girl adorned as described. Kneeling where she adores. Master’s arousal most evident as well as His pleasure with His slave cunt. Stroking and combing My long fingers through your preened and prettied raven mane. Looking into your dark pools as I see you lust and hunger. Knowing Master expects that to be place before Him like a snack or meal frequently …..and served up HOT.

Master desires My baby girl retrieve on hands and knees her instruments of pleasure she desires to be put to in her need and lust. I want her in her slave positions to show when and how she desires and begs to be taken. Master will serve His baby girl her helping of lust and desire from deep in His soul while filling her molten core with the liquid love and adoration He shares with her.

Master desires her screams, mewls, begs, and feral guttural squeals and growls during pleasuring/ I desire and require eye contact while she wraps her lips around Master’s cock and balls. Master desires and expects His baby girl to watch and take in how Master fills her cunt and eats her with animal like hunger. He expects her to watch as I sit her on My cock to dance and ride as W/we sit on watch before the mirror and see how her body responds to Master’s touch.

Master desires for baby girl to lavish her fuckings, punishments, pleasures, ravishings, as adored by a Master that helps her to grow, stretch her limits and boundaries and support her with all He has to give. Master will take and guide you through a life of love, heat, hunger, lust, companionship, and protection without question.

Master desires his tigress…..body and soul……physically and mentally.

Master’s desire……

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Cyber to Real
Posted:Apr 25, 2014 9:46 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2015 2:48 pm

There is a lot of scepticism between fantasy vs real this blog is about an experience from Nat

Yes we met here on the site via the chat rooms. Our bond,kinks,desires and share of same writing style (yes there is a style lol ) Our friendship progressed as we supported each in our day to day. Big hurdles overcome we became more. The need to speak to each other daily despite timezones was like air. We were then blessed ang was given the opportunity to come here and that we are grateful.

A lot of preparation went into making my home welcome for him to arrive, from buying the mundane of toiletries to making sure an adapter for his electrical to work in Australia. As he was coming from the U.S (my Yank) as I fondly call him.

The day he arrived I spent the entire day "beautifying" and picking outfits, of course a number of changes, going as far as a matching colour top to what I knew he was wearing.

I'm sure I'm not the only who has a routine from applying scented lotion, making sure every tendril in it's place and reapplying fresh nail polish (ok maybe not the guys) and applying makeup. Sexy lingerie well everything..lol. Though I knew he just wanted to see me presentation was everything.

The whole day I was nervous, those thoughts of would we click truly as we did online? Would he find my mannerisms and quirks annoying? What if our temperaments clashed? Though deep down I knew it would be no different to what we showed online. I even went so far as to keep track of his flights online and worrying I would get his gate number wrong.

At the airport I found the gate no problem and sat down edgy waiting. As passengers got off the plane I wanted him to see me but being a small person I didn't want to get lost in the throng of people so I stood to one side yet in plain view for him to see him. Watching and waiting took forever as I looked out for his red top.

Memorized in my brain like a photograph were his features so no problem with that lol. Heart beat racing and jiggling on the spot I saw him and saw his perplex look as he tried to scan and see me. Dropping his bags he bundled me up into his arms strong lifting me off the ground as we kissed for the first time. Yes an Oh moment!
That first moment physical and not imagining were wordless. A far cry from where we began.

Our time together we felt like well the best way to describe it was comfortable, like we had known and been together years. We discovered so many small quirks, though mundane, were the same.

His stay here we enjoyed immensely and it was sad to see him go, I wished I could travel back with him. See his country meet his family and thus I will get there later in the year.

Don't rule out that this site, Look on the brighter side. If you don't try...you don't know. The attestment to us meeting is communication. There is never a "nevermind" It may take a few tries or many lol. So no the chat rooms isn't always fantasy, the people aren't always fake, I won't say there aren't any...lol.

To my Yanky man, I adore you and love you..
Anniversary I. Feral Moans: Part 1
Posted:Jan 27, 2014 1:42 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2015 2:48 pm

I. Feral Moans: Part 1

Standing on the balcony seven stories up looking out over the beach to the ocean as the storm clouds boil up and head for shore. The sea breeze now a stiff wind whipping the palms and sea grasses about. I hear the rumbles of thunder as I watch the beach goers scramble on the sand like ants looking for cover and to get off the beach. In the background I hear the shower as she sings to her music and washes the day off her silky tanned flesh. Smiling as I hear her phone belt out O/our playlist of favorite tunes. Only wearing My trunks as I stand on the balcony as I hear the water shut off in the shower but not the singing. She's happy and it's her ritual for a night out, and it's a special one for U/us, an anniversary. I know the plan, I just have to work the plan, but damn if she doesn't somehow always throw a small twist or wrench into My schemes as I chuckle to Myself.

I hear the door open as the music and her voice blast through the room as I turn My head to see her dance through the room looking and gently tossing things seeking for something with not but a towel loosely around her. Snickering as it doesn't last long till the towel slips to the floor without so much as a bit of hesitation in her movements as she continues on her quest paying Me no never mind as well. Sensing the sun being covered by the clouds as I turn to see the last bit of the sun covered by the approaching clouds. Lightening now flashing forth and striking the ocean waters. The feel of the power growing as I watch the ocean waves churn the sand with the contrast of the music and singing behind Me. Turning now as I put My hands on the balcony railing. watching her intently as I feel My senses stir from the power of the ocean, the power of the storm, the power of her beauty. Letting go of the railing as I step inside the room shedding My trunks and throwing them at her and hitting her on the bottom as she's turned away. She snaps too and spins quickly heat in her flashing brown eyes.

She takes out her ear-buds and her features soften. I hear her accent as she lilts out a "whot baby?" My own blues flashing as I say only one word "come". She somehow seems to float sensually across the distance between U/us as I take her warm and naked body into My arms. Feeling her curl tight due to the coolness of the ocean wind as blows through the balcony doors.feeling her dark chocolaty nipples bud and press to My chest as I bring her chin up with but a finger to kiss her soft lips deep and passionate as I crush My lips to hers. The embers are glowing. Now to fan to start the flame. My hands slide softly down her cheeks after cupping her face to glide softly over her neck and shoulders, down her arms to her hands as I take her phone and ear buds and toss them lightly to the bed the music still playing. Her hands lifting to press to My chest now that they are free of any obstruction. My own hands find themselves caressing her sides softly as they rise to cup her face once more as O/our kiss deepens and O/our tongues slide together to wrestle for the taste of the other.

My arousal obvious as I press My hardness against her tummy hips rolling as I feel hers doing the same as My fingers slide along the side of her face and back through her silky jet tresses. The flame is lit and burning. Groaning softly through My throat as I feel her body heat up as well as My own and as I feel My hands comb through her locks down to her back as nails gently rake over the flesh of her back and gliding over her buttocks as they grasp and fingers sink into her flesh leaving little half moon marks from My nails.Pulling and pressing her tighter to Me as I hear her purrs and moans as O/our bodies rub together like two pieces of wood to start a fire in ones very capable hands.breaking O/our kiss reluctantly but needing to taste her I latch My mouth to her breasts and suck each nipple alternately till I hear her moans and purrs almost at a constant rate. Sucking each nipple in turn and swabbing My tongue over and around stroking the areola suckling like a hungry babe seeking the fluid hidden within and having every intention of getting My reward. Twirling and twisting the nipple bar on the right as I work her up to a fevered and frenzied state. Turning U/us around as I walk her back out onto the balcony with My mouth still latched to one breast or the other.

Pressed to the balcony railing I lick around the curves of her soft breasts and then kiss each hard brown bud as I kiss and lick My way down over her tummy and snaking My tongue in and around her navel. My hands still gripping her ass firmly as I begin a slow descent bending My knees as I see the darkness above U/us with electric flashes of the lightening sparking intermittently. My hands release her ass cheeks as they glide around to her quivering thighs nails raking lightly along the outside as My tongue and lips kiss and lick delicately along the inside and up to her freshly shaved mound. Inhaling deeply as I smell her musk and see rivulets trickle along her inner thighs as I lap them up with My tongue and taste her dew. A heady groan and growl slip from My throat through My lips as I also smell the intense sea breeze and scent of impending rain all battering My sense of smell. Hands sliding back to her knees as they press outward slowly as she parts her thighs knowing full well the intention and eager for the sensations as she continues to purrr and groan herself. The flat of My tongue now dragging softly over her inguinal folds and over her mound tasting a hint of shaving cream. Head bobs lower still to slip My tongue to her hood to coax her pearl out to play.

Hearing her moans and purrs and feeling her tense and trembling I know she wants so much more, especially when one leg stretches out to place her foot in the chaise opening her petals up. Her dark lips full and folds slick as now I can see the tendrils of her girl juice squeeze from her folds in heightened anticipation. Pushing My face closer as I take the tip of My tongue to splice through her pouty pussy lips to slide up and down her hot pink slit which is the color of it when she truly aroused and darker yet as she's about to uncoil. A stark contrast to the dark folds of her labia that encases the fruit of her loins. It's that sweet inner meat I want to taste as the succulent juices coat My cheeks, chin, lips, but more deliciously My tongue. Sliding My flat broad tongue over her pink slit to savor the juices then curling it to a point to slide it inside her velvet walled fuck hole swabbing all the nectar I can get off her inner walls and every so often sucking her protruding clit now to set that molten core to produce more for My taste buds. The storm directly overhead now as I hear the raucous claps of thunder and the cracks of lightening almost in time with O/our pulses and heart beats. I continue to feast on her folds and molten core as well as the clit sticking out seeking attention. Every so often between her whines and curses regarding My parentage her knees buckle or she just does it to dip My tongue deeper into her hot sodden pussy. Grinning as I think that torture has lasted long enough and deciding to start the second stage of her delights.

Moving My mouth to cover and suck her clit between My full lips as I press the sharp edges of My teeth to her blood engorged and super sensitive clit to hold it in place. At the same time My fingers bored with their assignments glide resolutely up the inside of her soaked thigh as the splay her folds and the two longest digits slide smoothly to her core as they curl up almost knotted and massage her insides. With a sigh loud as the thunder she lets loose a string of foul deeds she like to have done or done again. Grinning in delight as I feel My hard shaft standing like a monument to her sexuality hard steady throbbing and so very erect. sliding My body a bit as I need to press My shaft against part of her body it finally is allowed toi press and grind against her lower leg and I hiss to her clit through My clenched teeth as her clit throbs between them. I start to slowly swab My tongue over her pearl as finger continue to knot and piston in and out seeking her g-spot. Then it begins, My tongue tip flicking fast as hummingbirds wing over the tip of her clit periodically lapping firmly along the left side of her temperamental nub. Seeing her tummy tense and thighs as well and fingers feeling her tightly clench and hold them tight to her inner walls and not releasing them as she howls like a she cat in heat her mouth in a perfect little O like she would be if sucking My cock. My shaft coating her ankle with precum as runs the length of My shaft and over her lower leg. While looking down I see the drips and spider-like threads of her juices along with a small pool on the balcony floor. Hissing over her clit, "CUM...go ahead and squirt baby show Me your need ". With another string of curses flying from her lips a great squirt of her clear liquid surges through the air to soak My face neck and chest as I move My head to catch her spray inside My mouth and sucking down all I can get.

As suddenly as it came up the storm finally starts with huge drop[s of summer rain splatting on O/our already soaked bodies and mixing with the juices on the balcony floor and washing the evidence away of a feasting most delicious.............but far from done...........
sorry to disappoint but written by Ang

Posted:Jan 25, 2014 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2014 6:37 pm


I have probably lived over half My life by now. I have only dared to put these thoughts and feelings to pen and paper three times, this being the third. To tell someone what you experience and what they well be accompany to tends get give them a sense of your irrationality. But, no matter the thoughts of others and the ones who have experienced know of what I talk about here and now. The shadow that is released in the heat of passion, the craving of flesh, biting and clawing to get out and into the one I'm having My most intimate feelings and relations.

The first two times I penned these feelings I was still a virgin, yet I knew it was there waiting and growing. It was the one feeding My thoughts and desires as I thought of things that made My hunger grow, or was it O/our mutual carnal urges? My first few years as I embraced My sexuality I knew it was there as I would shiver and tremble visibly and stutter and teeth would chatter as I talked, or I should say tried to talk. I would feel the hackles on the back of My neck raise, goose bumps on My skin, severe salivating, and then at the peak of it all growls and hissing seeming to come from somewhere else other than Me.
Never being one to have relations with any lady available there would be long periods of time I would be alone. My mind wondered and I actually think I forgot and thought My younger years where a dream or something I pretended or acted. Yet a lover or two and couple of wives later I learned I was completely wrong. It had gone to hibernate, uninterested in choices I made or displeased. But for some reason it woke with a vengeance. Stirring My mind and leading Me in directions I thought I would never go and down roads I thought incapable of going with thoughts new and enticing to Me.

This brought a new light to My eyes and I found a bit more of My sexuality and realized it was Me and a part of Me I had been hiding from. Now I can walk through the entire scenarios and wait as I feel it creep to take over, and I slip away to watch U/us seek and deliver and feel the pleasure W/we give and get in return. It starts with the foreplay and arousal as My head tosses to and fro as teeth literally gnash at air or flesh biting and marking what's mine, a carnal feeling thought bred out of humans long ago. Nails rake as hands and fingers stroke and caress turning to a clawing. The need to feed on flesh leading My mouth to lips, neck, breasts, nipples, navel, mound, pussy and thighs. Craving to taste flesh and juices blood included. A woman bleeding, hissing hotly as I write, drives Me wild quickly and brings it out faster and more vicious as tongue and fingers crave taste, scent, and feel. The hissing and growling begin especially if My primal sounds are met with her purring, screams, and guttural urgings and hungers. By this point arousal is at the point of no return. The hunger and needs of the flesh determined by eons of mating and carnal animalistic rutting ingrained in human behaviors.

The need to feel her wrapped around and riding along the sensitive flesh of My cock unimaginable. A million nerve endings lighting up simultaneously as slam deep and hard or ease in slow and feeding her only the mushroom shaped head. It's then that I feel the familiar shivers so diminished now as I've grown accustomed. hackles and goose bumps occur as lightening rides My spine to My head feeling pure bliss. Then the real fucking begins. The position is truly unimportant as long as I can feel as though W/we have become one, as if I've completed the one piece of the puzzle need to fill and complete her as she molds and fits to My hard extension, to create on body in motion and working on pleasuring and fulfilling O/our hunger and desires. Hands roaming as claws come out teeth biting as the need for flesh and deep seated hunger wells up in the heat of lust and desire. Scents, feelings, sounds, tastes all becoming an orchestra to sate primal needs. The motion of O/our fucking surreal as I feel Myself slip away literally, but still there in some little corner. Senses on overload as I O/our body heat rises, sweat clinging to working flesh and muscle, bodies rocking back and forth, rocking and rolling, hands and fingers clawing, mouth, lips, and teeth in play as savagery and unyielding desires reach a heated peak.

Climax comes at a price as the waves of pleasure and all sensations wash over Me. The heat of O/our bodies overwhelming as blood rushes and hearts pump furiously to keep p[ace with each other. Eyes go dark as I see green like the tall grasses of the Savannah in front of Me unable to see through. Head slams back as knees and hips slam hard against her and then lock tight as back arches fingers digging deep into her flesh. Then the images begin with the pain and pleasure. Seeing a great cat as it feels as though My incisors grow three inches the salivating from hunger and a need to feed as if starving.the roar has already begun as the head slammed back feeling as if it is not even Me and feeling the harshness rake and rip through My throat and lungs. Head swimming, the roar and growling continue throughout the orgasm as it jets through My steely shaft to coat walls clasped tight around Me making U/us one. My head then begins to bob and weave as if on a swivel as the gasping for air mixed with the feral growls continue but subside slowly.Groaning as I feel her body with My hands her vagina not wanting to release what it has been given and deciding to keep within that void to fill it. Groaning as I slide over her back or collapse on top depending of course upon the position. And this what rips through Me every time anymore.

Till now, as I have a feeling there is a whirlwind coming My way as I feel the one I have sought for so very long has been found. She shares the hunger, desire, primal needs, and the feral sounds I have already described. I believe the shivers that used to arise with anticipation may return as I become speechless before O/our fierce and desirous fucking. Things have already changed as I feel longings in bed at night teeth gnashing already and growls forthcoming as I reach out for her though she's not there. Hips bucking at air as thighs twitch and force My hips to thrust with and erection not to be believed.head swiveling back and forth as I feel canines wanting to sink deep. But, the man, the beast, will have to wait. A craving unlike one I have ever felt sits inside Me lurking in the dark as eyes blaze salivating at each and every thought of her clasped tight and speared deep coupling hot, savage and mercilessly. So the Man-beast waits, waits for it's mate.

sorry to disappoint but written by Ang


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