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Bookstore Butt-fucking Stories #6
Posted:May 14, 2021 6:22 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
The more I got fucked, the more adventurous I got. I liked it when I got that nervous tummy, cotton-mouth feeling when I went to the store. I think the clerk was wondering what wouldn't this turned out do...I had my own idea, it had been a couple of weeks since I stopped by. I was horny ass fuck and needed my hole penetrated. I had some time because my other half left town to visit family up north...PERFECT!

Monday, I went to the store, went into the backroom and told the clerk, I'm sucking cock only. I pulled my tight ass jeans down just to mid thigh, tied my wife-beater tank in a knot to the front, put on some bitch sunglasses and sat there and waited until I could provide a service to a cock in need. Got there at 7:00 am, left with a face full of various goo at am. Got home, sat on a huge dildo and jerked myself off with smell of cocks on my face and breath...

Wednesday, I went the store, went into the backroom and told the clerk, ass-fuck only. I stripped down, put a long wig on with a ponytail, a nice wide leather belt around my waist, leg warmers up to rim of my ass, no top and a blindfold. I packed my asshole with Vaseline, laid on the floor face down with an arched back and my ass propped up, spreading my cheeks as wide as possible with a pack of condoms next me. I could hear the clerk making the pitch, so I knew when get really ready. Got there at 7:00am, left at :45am. My ass was gaped and aching and red. A couple guys really went town on my hole...They got a hold of the belt and let me have it, sometimes lifting me up off the floor, a couple of them blew on my back, most inside the condom. Used a lot of Vaseline that morning. One guy wanted me to shit on his cock, but I was clean, so that didn't happen. I gotta admit I am intrigued by the scat scene. I told him to leave me his number, I kept the blindfold on the entire time. I went home, went into the bathroom and looked at swollen red asspussy, told myself I got what I deserved and jerked myself off. I could barely touch my bootyhole, it was stretched the fuck out. Nothing like a true anal gangbang. I looked at the phone number from Mr. Scat lover...I knew I would do it, I just wondered how nasty I would get doing it. Tell you about later...>>! ~^~

Bookstore Butt-fucking Stories #5
Posted:May 4, 2021 8:36 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2021 9:33 am
You know at some point you're going break your own rules...It was worth it. I go the bookstore and of course I go back into the gay-tranny section and browse, while my counter bud is checking the scene and trying to hook up. There's a guy in the straight section, we're catching eyes but he's nervous I can tell. He's about leave and I just had a feeling so I walk out behind him. He goes his car, I stand out front and we connect again. I walk over, he rolls down the window. We exchange hellos..I asked him why he was checking so hard and he said, he's never been interested that way before and he was hoping something would happen but he would probably go home and jerk off thinking about it. I told him about my hook up at the store but he was afraid that would not be a good idea for him. I told him that I'd like him to have some fun with me but doing it in a car is NOT my thing...wayyyy too risky. He said he couldn't host for obvious reasons, so I broke my rule and invited him to my place. I walked to my apartment, told him the number and to give me about minutes before buzzing and just come in, door unlocked.
I went in, took off my clothes, put on some lipstick I had stashed, put a belt around my waist and some little boots. He buzzed and I let him in...He comes in and I was standing in the back of the livingroom. He comes over, starts kissing me and squeezing my ass with both hands. He turns me around, spread my cheeks and inserts his tongue in my bootyhole. I like the word bootyhole, it's nasty and erotic to me. I was soooo fuckin turned on...I go into my bathroom, he follows...I pack my bootyhole with vaseline and turn around. He comes up behind and inserts his thick cock in my bootyhole. It's a little rough but cool and I deserved it. I told him to close the door and we were in the dar He had by my waste and the belt and he penetrated ass continuously, I felt it gape...I could take it and I did. I could smell my ass being penetrated and the bathroom was getting a bit hot...I wanted sweat. You could hear my ass cheeks being smacked and my dick was flopping everywhere. I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth and just kept going for another 15 or 20 minutes. My hole had no more boundaries at this point...I heard him say okay baby, I need to cum. I quickly turned around and got down on my knees, he grabbed the back of my head and penetrated my throat...I farted, it was deep in my mouth and he filled my mouth with cream...I was like "FUCK" that was nasty and hot...The taste of his jizz mixed with my bootyhole juices was off the chart! We hugged, he pulled up his pants and left, never to be seen again..No names, no numbers just fucking. When he left I went back into the bathroom, closed the door, got on the floor, smeared some of my butt juice and cum on my face so I could smell it and jerked it until I blew my wad on my own face...then a bathroom clean up, followed by a nice bubble bath...All that before am...{=}
Bookstore Butt-fucking Stories #4
Posted:Apr 25, 2021 8:19 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2021 7:40 pm
So I walk into the store...Mind you, the only time I'm walking into that store now is ONLY to suck cock or get fucked, I don't even bother wearing underwear. This time I'm wearing pretty tight jeans, cowboy boots and a white tight tank, wearing sunglasses to conceal the eyeliner. My dick is hard right now just thinking about how much of a slut I was and still is...LOVE the anticipation. The clerk sees me and starts smiling and laughing, we're the only two in the store. He says, what a you are...I smile of course. He says go back in the room, I got a couple guys that want to meet you that I'm gonna call and let them know you're here, is that cool? I smile and walk my tight ass body into the backroom, he says...sexy bitch, you....

These guys show up, apparently friends. I hear them talking to the clerk. I'm not taking off anything, they want me, they have to do it. The door opens and they come in, nice looking, not exceptional but it doesn't matter at this point. I want dick, in this case dicks. They come in ready for action, immediately I'm being kissed and groped through my tight jeans. They walk me over to a table, pull my jeans down just below my ass and bend me over the table. I got lubed poured into my asshole. I'm expecting a cock in my mouth at some point...NOPE...They came for asshole, mine...I get penetrated abruptly, I FELT IT! The clerk moves to the front pulls out his dick and just stares into my eyes while he jerks off. These two just went to town on my hole like tag team wrestlers. They switched and they switched and they switched. I was getting what I deserved like a twink on Sunset Blvd. I took it..My asshole had to be gaped pretty good after a while, cause it got easier and easier...more lube, more butt-fucking. Hands around the waist, hands on my shoulders until they finished inside my ass. The clerk blew a load on my Wayfarer sunglasses. I heard one of the guys say, fart out that jizz baby...I started puckering my hole until I could feel it running down my legs. Normally I go home and jerk alone after but this time, I wanted to do it there. I stood in between them and started jerking with that jizz still on my face from the clerk. They took turns fingering my gaped oozing hole and slapping my ass. I was pinching my nipple with my left hand through my tank and jerking like hell with my right, mouth gaped open...They shit was HOT!!!! He must've found a button inside my ass because I exploded and my knees got weak...Ecstasy spilling on the floor. The clerk says clean that up and well I did because I was the reason it happened. I got some paper towels, got down on my knees and wiped up the aftermath from everyone, with my gaped butt-hole exposed. Once a , always a and never going back. I got turned out.happyf;
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Bookstore Butt-fucking Stories #3
Posted:Apr 12, 2021 9:26 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
Back in those days, the gay porn section was separated, with a curtain. Thank G for spandex shorts and pants in those days! Me and the clerk are scheming again. I went back into the gay section with the curtain closed. He'd find a horny willing participant, who come behind the curtain, so I could either suck their cock or let them jerk off on me. This one guy, was fingering the hell out of my hole while he jerked off, didn't want his cock sucked, just knuckles deep in my asshole pussy. It was getting me hot as hell because he was really stretching my hole in every direction possible. I just remember him shooting a load on the porn boxes...a heavy load! My ass felt like it had been fucked, the best butt hole fingering I've ever had to this date! I just wish that load was dripping out of my gaped bootyhole! As usual, I went home smelling like a couple of cocks and jerked myself off in a dark bathroom stuffing my butthole with a big metal flashlight...
Bookstore Butt-fucking Stories #2
Posted:Apr 11, 2021 6:45 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
Two weeks later I return to the bookstore, horny usual. The clerk sees and now we each other like we know a dirty little secret but there's a couple of customers in the store. I malinger around until they leave and he walks over to me. actually wearing those spandex shorts and a sweat shirt. He walks up behind , squeezes my ass and says, you obviously came here looking for dick, I laughed. He asks me how much time do I have and I said as long as it takes I guess. He says how bout you suck some cock in the back room. I'll fill out some dudes who come in and send them in the back room. Can you do more than 1? Well one way to find . My dick was so hard and of course not wearing any underwear...I go to the room and turn off the lights in the store room....
I sucked 4 cocks in about 3 hours, no anal but a couple of them finger my bootyhole. I was good with that. One guy hooked my asshole real good with 2 big ass fingers and I sucked him off really good and he blew in my mouth. He took his fingers out my ass and smeared my ass juice on my upper lip. It was dirty but fuck it was ...I needed to be treated like that kinda that morning. I went home with my booty smelling and jerked off like crazy...Definitely going back for more!
Bookstore Butt-fucking Stories #1
Posted:Apr 10, 2021 11:25 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
When I first began have thoughts about actually sucking a cock and being ass-fucked, I was married someone really didn't understand me and sexuality. was a porn book store down the block from me, private owned, small. The time I would go was early in the morning on my days off, when my ex went work. I would get horny and so I went browse and buy tapes. The clerk was cool, kinda reminded me of Denis Leary in attitude and looks. One day, my curiosity and horny mind was getting the best of me, so thought I'd buy a dildo and start experimenting with fucking my ass with more than my fingers and other household items.
I think he recognized it and when I got the counter with it, he gave me a ...I almost put back but was now or never, at least at this store. He asked me what I intended to do with it, with a smile. I just smirked. He says, I always had an idea that you were a bit of a freak. I just laughed it off. He says, you try out in the back room before you go and I said, NO! He says, oh come on..I know 's for you...I didn't respond..He says if you try the real thing, I know a guy close by always looking for action if you're interested. I was nervous of course. He tells me, if you have time, go back in the back. I'll him. I went into the back room, nervous as hell and even hornier.
He comes back about 5 minutes later and says, he's coming in about minutes, get naked. And closed the door... took me another minutes decide and I did ..time get what you asked for, I thought myself.
Several minutes the door opens and this guy comes in followed by the clerk. The clerk said he closed the store for thirty minutes...I was NOT ready for 2 guys. The clerk says I just want to see you get fucked, I'm curious about you. The guy pulled down his pants and his cock was decent size and at that point, I went for ...I sucked a cock for the first time. I just thought, do him what you like being done you. The longer went the better I felt about . He was palming the back of my head and occasionally wiping his cock all over my face...I was jerking off and so was the clerk watching. He stood me up and lubed by ass with some lube from the store. I can't tell you how submissive that feeling is for the first time. He turned me around and started rubbing his hard ass cock around my asshole until he put it in...way different feeling than what I was used to doing to myself. It was a little uncomfortable in the beginning but I was getting what I wanted to know about myself. He fucked my tight ass for about minutes and blew his load on my cheeks after taking off the condom. I pulled my pants up, went home and jerked off. From that point...I was in, as you can see...I have more bookstore stories to tell also...I was sad when that damn store closed
Deep in my holes....
Posted:Mar 11, 2021 4:25 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
If you're gonna take cock as a C/D, you have take extra-large cock too...thick, extra large cock because you decided to be the bitch by getting on your knees in both directions. I know what I am when I do this...and I love it!

I met an XXL cock a weekend ago, and he opened my asshole wide and deep. I don't think I closed my mouth the entire time he was backdooring my stretched hole. I sucked him of course to get it started and he put his big balls all over my face more than anything else, then he fed me some of his asshole for good measures. After that, he stood me up, walked me into the bathroom and closed the door. I held on to the sink and he proceeded to open my ass wide and deep. One hand holding my belt and the other on my shoulder and sometimes around my nec Nothing violent just PENETRATION. I'm not much for moaning but fuck my hole was being ravished! He would go deep and helicopter around in a circle both directions....LOVED IT! He filled my ass with so much jizz that it was still leaking out my hole after he left. Later that week I went over his place and played femme boi bitch for him. I only got suck him, while he fish-hooked my gaped ass. This time I got a mouth full of cream for my good wor I could do this weekly no doubt but it takes a little time for my gaped ass reduce itself my normal!!!
Cock Dildo
Posted:Dec 7, 2020 11:32 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
So I will say one thing about this...Your asshole is never the same after you mount that cock dildo! Seemed like a good idea at the time that I let my 3 friends talk me into. I visit them anytime I'm really in the need of asshole exploration. Every time I do, my booty-hole is gaped and swollen for a couple days. Of course I lie to myself and say..Nope, not again and then I get a bit extra horny and they never say no. I got cred with them, they actually make time for this bitch.

So this time it was, sit on a bar stool, in the middle of the bathroom and let them take turns banging my hole...No oral, just anal. I love games like that. I load my hole up with lube and take a seat. Ponytail, collar, thigh high boots and a sturdy belt around my waist. I play with them enough to know at some point, it's gonna be a wild ride once I'm in gaped mode. I put a thick flesh dildo in my mouth to bite down on and then they turned off the lights and blindfolded my slutty ass. Oh boy.....My cock got extra hard and then I felt fingers in my hole and all over my ass. I was about to cum already and then PENETRATION, I bit down on that flesh dildo...One after the other after the other after the other, doggy...there comes a point when your hole goes a bit numb, that's when the ride gets even better, cause you can take it like a good bitch...I have no idea how long this went on for but remember it's 3 different cocks invading my hole...Finally it's face cream time. I love it when all three of them are jerking in front of my face. I can smell each dick, which generally smells like my gaping ass pussy. My hole is loose and throbbing, and I'm horny as fuck getting jerked on...They blast the hell outta my face and that's my cue to jerk myself off in front of them but this time, they added a wrinkle. They brought out a cock dildo, fleshy which is my kinda toy. They put it on the bathroom and I sat on it like a horny fool....Even with a gape, it was definitely a challenge. I got my face slapped with a couple of cocks until I managed it. I rode that thing and I couldn't close my mouth, it was gaping like my used asshole. I started cumming everywhere and that was making it go even deeper up my ass! They helped me get off of it and groped me good in a sweet way. As usual, I crashed on the sofa and at some point during the night, one of them would come in the living room and jerk off on my ass...My booty-hole was up because I know what they like. I got up in the morning, sucked each one of them before I left...went home and took a nice bath. As usual the booty-hole returned to normal after a couple days! MUAH!!! happyf;
Got Fucked by a Hubby and Wife...
Posted:Nov 14, 2020 11:10 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 9:27 pm
Took a while for do this...I know there's a lot of guys who are into it but I wasn't sure about the wifey. Two guys taking turns my butt-hole I submit easily and sometimes if their cocks are really big, I stay soft because I'm truly a bitch in submission. It was really cool and I'd hang with them again if they asked me .

It was like he had two chicks, no roles changing. The coolest was when he was banging my booty reverse cowgirl, she sucked hard, deep and sloppy. He fucked both of our asses, so we were gaping together...loved it! She really sucks cock great, so I took care of balls alot and there was a lot of 3 way rimming going too. He likes really femme type guys too, so that may be my next look for them...a cute sissy boi in booty shorts and sneakers with thigh high socks. I got to suck his cock every time he pulled it out of her ass which I really enjoyed....It was dirty but in a real girlie way for me. She told me that she's cool with him fuckin me without her as long as he sends her some pics while he turns me out. I'm down. I'm not the kind of person who sucks cock in a car but with him I would. He could send me home with a load in my mouth anytime! happyf;
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Pumped and Piss
Posted:Nov 7, 2020 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2021 8:23 am
As much as I love to really go all the way to look like a gurl for a guy, femme boi look always brings out the kink in me. And I'm almost willing to get pissed on everytime unless I don't have time. It's hard to find two guys into it but this time it worked.
They took turns palming the back of my head and my mouth hard and deep. Deep enough when I could feel my butt-hole gaping on its own without penetration. We went into the bathroom and they took turns penetrating my booty while I watched in the mirror. It was sooo fuckin hot. I got down on my knees and licked balls and rimmed them side side. I stood up bent over, got 4 fingers in my booty while I sucked the other guy off. I sat on the back of the toilet and got my booty fucked again and then I got pissed on the other guy. Nothing like hot piss going in your mouth and on your face, while you get your booty gaped over and over. I got a load on my face, while licking balls on my knees. Finally I sucked the last guy and he shot his load in my mouth, followed with a good full piss. I licked asses while I jerked myself off. We got into the shower and they played with my gape, while kissing me and caressing me. A great night!!!
Posted:Jun 5, 2020 9:59 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
The best thing about the bathroom is pretty much anything and everything goes. It gets hot and the smell of kinds of sexy is off the charts. Now bathroom in the dark! OMG!

I invited my 3 friends meet me at a cool ass hotel with a great size bathroom...I have a thick belt around my waist and a long hair blonde wig and sunglasses, thigh high black boots. I'm fuckin' cute okay! Nothing else. As soon as they come in, I have slap their hands cause they're being handzzz...I modeled for them and told them that would be the last time they see me in the light. I told them I didn't care what they wanted to do, just make sure you lube my asshole properly before you start and it's in the bathroom, door closed in the dark. They had to be totally naked. I stayed as is...I went inside and closed the bathroom door, turned off the lights.

For the next hour or so, they my banged ass, ATM'd me repeatedly, stuck many fingers my booty chute...pissed my face and in my mouth...and filled my ass with jizz. I sucked cock sitting the toilet seat and rimmed the toilet seat. I even got a fart in my face...asshole! I fuckin deserved it though.

They left the room I jerked off my own face, legs over my head the floor. I told them to get the fuck out and come back in the morning for round 2...

To Be Continued...
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3 guys fuckin my butt...
Posted:May 17, 2020 10:50 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2021 3:29 am
If I'm playing bitch, that means you get gett off. I'll suck your cock, lick your balls and let you enter my hole how you like. You don't have with my cock, I'll do that when you're all finished using my holes for pleasure. That gets off...

I met a couple of roommates who love C/D, femme boi types. I love being either one. They wanted and asked if it was cool that another friend could and I was game. More jizz for me. They wanted me stay the night, which I knew meant my booty would be fucked alot...obviously I was very horny, it had been a couple months. Hookin up is not as easy as most people thin I figured femme boi would be an easier look maintain for that long of a visit and they agreed.

I wore the tiniest booty short jeans with ugg boots with a little cut off tan I wore a long blond wig with a beanie with nerd glasses. Totally shaved off course.

I got used all night long, it was soooo fun. All those hands all over and in . 6 loads at various times throughout. One just put me face down a jerk his load on my ass while spreading my cheeks look at my gaped red hole. I was rimming an ass, while the roommates took turns inside my booty. Cocks down my throat to the balls! I took some piss on my face twice and in my mouth. hot loads in my butthole too. I smelled like cock and loved it. IT was the best night and I will certainly do it again!!!
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