The New, New Normal  

AlyTal 31M/28F  
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11/30/2021 4:06 pm
The New, New Normal

Over the Thanksgiving holiday my hubby and I went over the Big Island (Hawaii) visit with family and friends. The thing I avoided was the mashed potatoes, but I picked, and sampled, and gobble gobbled, and I ate so much I could barely walk out of the place, which as a nutrition freak is very different for me. But at least I been running every morning since.

While the family was gathered over a couple of evenings we got into so many discussions, but there was one main subject that kept coming back up, and when we recognized we all decided schedule a time period the third day (Saturday) discuss the subject at length, in detail, and allowing everyone a chance state their thoughts on the subject. We are fortunate some smart folks in the family, ie, a CEO, a Bank Chairman, my hubby the financial entrepreneur, a construction engineer, roughly 150 otea dancers LOL, and me. Haha! We titled the discussion “The New, New, Normal.”

It's a big subject and I will try the highlights of our family discussion. In the discussion were several points that made me stop and think before answering a particular point, or a question. None of us are experts outside of our own field of endeavors and education, etc., and our discussion thoughts may be somewhat questionable over any large family room coffee table, so anyone reading this can keep an understandable salt shaker handy.

The discussion started with the recent mainstream news reports on the Omnicrom Virus, the latest dangerous Covid mutation that has sprung forth from the Covid spots of the South African countries /from which many countries around the world issued blockade warnings against travel, the USA included.

The first premise: We will assume (a dangerous thing, of course) that most reasonable minded people around the world accept the mainstream news reports as valid, and not simply fake news as is already being suggested by leaders of the bubbas further their own political ambitions… that will kill a lot of people choose believe the propaganda bullshit.

In the discussion we recognized the Omicrom mutation has already escaped the South African countries and is already peculating and fizzing in the dark spots of low vaccination from which came across Southern Africa. The lesser developed countries with the lower vaccination and availability PPE, health care facilities and doctors and trained nurses, etc., are about to blow up although it may take a few weeks for those countries to infect the higher developed countries like Western Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia, and… the areas of low intel and the uninformed like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, et al (just kidding). I shouldn't around because it is a very serious subject with lives at stake.

Within the next year (after Omnicron has invaded the USA), are going be huge fights at local and national levels over new requirements for PPE, mask mandates, mandated vaccinations by whomever… government or large employers, etc., and with possible lock downs again, yada yada yada. The bubba class sheep following the bubba leaders are going be afflicted in big numbers… and will learn that being dead or afflicted with Covid related ailments for the rest of their lives as is currently happening… is NOT Freedom. The following year after that, 2023, will most likely still not be enough time resolve the virus with mutations continuing in the spots, and will likely be substantial migrations of people beginning will seek remove themselves and their families from areas forcing them wear a mask and vaccinate, etc., and people will be seeking remove themselves from areas of higher exposure and infection. use easy terms the migration will occur /from Red States and Blue States. The bubba class (the loud minority of U.S. Citizens, approx. 25-30% of the total population), will be seeking their so-called political phony freedom, and the super majority of people will be seeking to simply avoid getting the last version of Covid mutation. My mind explodes when I think about this happening all over the world. Countries will be closing their doors with strong military force, and with their teeth. will also likely be thousands leaving these islands simply because a continuing depressed economy will not be able sustain the current population.

My hubby, the finance guru, and our Bank Chairman, both issued a further vision of the USA beginning a couple of years in the future and even sooner depending partly on how the migrations of people occur. Our finance folks believe that when the migrations begin the big national banks will be doing their due diligence in the studies they will be performing about the state and regional markets. They are already beginning believe large industry will be protecting themselves by moving out of the high Covid states due the increased exposures the virus in their so-called enjoyment of Freedoms… because heavier industry cannot “work from home,” and without PPE and vaccination mandates they will somehow need keep their labor that serves the industry from dying off and being abnormally absent from work. Consequently, big industry that makes many of the economic wheels turn will be moving out of the bubba states. The big banks will be watching closely… the point that they will no longer be offering industrial strength loans in the bubba states on which big industry depends. The local banks and credit unions of those states are not large enough the assets and resources for large projects state wide. If such an economic condition continues some of those states might even turn banks like Deutchabank for foreign investment, and the likes of Vladimir Putin's oligarch friends will be johnny on the spot as has already been done in the State of Kentucky. Without large bank loans and cash flow those states will be dying fish flopping belly up, and the cash flow will be… cotton? (lol) In the meantime back at the ranch in the states holding the majority of Americans, industry will be moving in, the big loans will be available, and then what? The next Civil War may already started. The New, New Normal, death and continuing Covid mayhem, bad economic times ala the Super Depression, and the entire world, will be on fire.

How and why is all this potentially happening… if not from the antics of the bubba class leaders influence against vaccinations or wearing masks for the sake of their phony freedom (with many of those leaders simply faking it), the Covid simulators aka American Fascists are preying on the uninformed, the low intels and uneducated folks seldom been outside the red dirt, swampy, economically depressed county they live in? God save them from themselves, and the New, New Normal.

I hope none of that comes true, but I am afraid at least part of will. We need get people smarten up, and get the pharmaceutical industry update the vaccinations faster in order defeat the next mutation instead of the last one. After the vaccinations and the booster that many had is rather easy predict the necessity of an annual shot just like the normal flu shot, the virus that killed so many people years ago, and continues kill many of the elderly every winter.

Do you think I am downright pissed off, angry, and mad at the bubbas believe herd immunity should be gained through infection? Hah! My died from Covid last year before was a vaccination. I actually do forward the nasty grams from some of the bubbas on this site that whine and moan about some of the comments in my profile… so I can click'em into the non-existence they deserve in the hell of their own creation You are damn right I am angry at such dumb asses. They are killing people.

Chuckk48 65M
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11/30/2021 11:54 pm

I believe it's likely (possibly even more likely) the virus will mutate into something far more deadly. That's the point the anti-vaxers will be convinced to get the vaccine. Right now here in Michigan the anti-vaxers are proudly running around proclaiming their freedom from the government they don't trust while our hospitals are getting overrun. It's crazy.

dom4092 62M  
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12/1/2021 6:28 am

you are an amazing, wonderful, sexy class woman!!! a truly dream to know you personally....Kisses Dom

AlyTal 31M/28F  
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12/1/2021 8:25 am

This piece of garbage system that leaves out so many words really ticks me off. Whoever the tech manager is of this site doesn't deserve his salary. I can't image a manager allowing such a crappy system, so it is probably more like they have simply made the decision to allow the tech quality to suffer so terribly. If it does not improve, I will have my own decision to make about whether I will be continuing with my account.

Chuck... Thank you for chiming in. I guess all we can do is to support the message of the experts to provide the warnings and hope our neighbors get the message to protect themselves and all others. Good luck to you in Michigan, and get ready for the potential move to Oregan. LOL Just kidding

dom... Oh my What a nice thing to say. Thank you very kindly. (curtsy) LOL

forgotforgetting 55M  
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12/1/2021 9:43 am

Hi. I agree with a lot of you wrote. What the bubbas forget is rights are not without obligation. There is and must be a social contract for the society to function. BTW, I agree with Dom. Stay strong my friend. 🤗

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

AlyTal 31M/28F  
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12/1/2021 12:39 pm

Ok, I deleted the previous piece of system crap that leaves out words and puts in strange symbols, and uploaded the blog item again. I hope it comes out better this time.

forgotforgetting... You put it very succinctly to explain how the bubba class wants everything they want, but duck and dodge like Fascists do to not pay anything back to society, or hold themselves accountable in any sort of shared obligation.

You are a cool, smart friend, and thank you for the compliment

Luv24Q2 45M
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12/1/2021 6:13 pm

TalieCakes dahhhhling, U bring out the fashionista in all of us & look FABulous in that SEXY outfit! OMG, I'm farklempt & may tinkle from the cute Gucch belt, LV shoes, & wet dreams of 150 cloned Tallie otea dancers in my head

Again profound condolences on your loss yet glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Do not loath the potatoes, for they are merely carbs craving for buttah as they pass your sexy, pouty lips. OTOH, do loath the "bubba" anti-vax PotatoHeads who don't get it, nor get the loathsome sensation of a Trach or a ventilator impaled in their clueless mouths.

Alas, Tried to IM you several times to no avail. Gonna light my farts & send smoke signals east.

AlyTal 31M/28F  
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12/2/2021 1:44 pm

Hi Luv... You're are cracking me up. LOL

Sorry about the IM Thingy. The darn thing seldom works on my end and I have given up trying to chitty chat with anybody.

Stay safe out there. The Omnicrom is headed for NY if not already there.

karmic_cock23 43M
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12/24/2021 9:34 pm

ive written too many messages on here and not be sent!!!! I think youre amazing, one of a kind gorgeous, smart, and seriously fine woman!!!!!

solarwind3 70M/61F  
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2/7/2022 8:46 am

I agree completely about the willful ignorance of the science. Be strong and be safe!

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