Another adventure to share  

Akmel2021 50M
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1/25/2022 3:50 pm
Another adventure to share

Another fun adventure of mine involves a lady I was involved with sexually for sometime when I was 20. I had several adventures with her that I will share. We attended the same small community college together, so I’ll her community college for adventures involving her. One fun rather quick adventure we had was between classes one . We had been flirting all morning while passing in the hallway and in shared classes and so were both really horny. She loved to suck cock and we had a break until our next class. So we went to her car parked in the parking lot. And this was North Carolina in the spring, so it was quite . We got in the car. She in the driver’s seat and in the passenger seat. She told she wanted to suck my cock. So I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my cock for her. She leaned over and started licking the shaft of my cock and around the<b> head. </font></b>already hard by this time. She slides her lips over the<b> head </font></b>and sucks it into her mouth. Im enjoying this and trying to keep a for anyone walking past. She’s sucking in and of her mouth and and going pretty good and I am rock hard when I notice someone coming across the parking lot. It’s a buddy of mine that I know is going to come over to talk. I tell her he’s headed our way and she sits up and we are just chatting when he gets to us. But I am still rock hard and didn’t have time to get my jeans buttoned back up before he gets over to us. Luckily my T-shirt was long enough to cover my cock. And as he chats with us for a few minutes my cock never went soft with her sitting next to me knowing more was to come when we were able to get rid of him. After he finally left we didn’t have a lot of time before but she told she wasn’t going to let such a hard dick go to waste for . So since we were short on time and needing to be careful she reached over and grabbed my cock in her hand and started stroking. We were both watching for any other possible interruptions. I was getting hotter and harder and my balls started tightening and she knew it. She stroked even faster. I told her I was going to and she stroked quickly a couple more times and let go as she felt my cock start to pulse. As I was sitting up in the seat the first shot of actually shot over my left shoulder and into the back seat. Several more shots landed shorter and on my shirt(luckily I had another T-shirt) and the rest she caught in her hand. She said,”Damn!!” When the first shot launched into the back seat and loved each shot afterwards. The she caught in her hand she licked off and swallowed. She loved eating my . She then buttoned back up, I went to my car and changed shirts and we went to our next as if nothing had happened, but smiling our secret.

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