My guide to anal sex  

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4/19/2021 4:00 am
My guide to anal sex

Anal sex is hot. I love it, but the whole idea can put some people off.

So here is my guide take you from beginner complete anal queen size slut of which I am.

Message me if you'd love ANAL SEX

I know that some people worry it may hurt, or it can be messy with poo. If you do everything right I promise you'll be screaming anal orgasms and skills that'll make the average person in the streets eyes water. You just need approach great anal sex like a project.

So let's take you from novice anal size queen expert in 3 easy levels.

Level 1 - Start your Anal sex training.
Things start by getting you ready. Anal training or sex is best if you prepare in advance. Don’t suddenly decide you want do it in the middle of sex for the first time. enjoy it you need plan and train first.

Be body confident

A little preparation just before Anal sex or training goes a long way. Get yourself into the bathroom and have a shit. Clean yourself nicely with a wet wipe or go through the shower. Make sure you're as fresh as a daisy and ready go and take a little bit of fear of this being a messy process.
If you want a little extra cleaning, think about an anal douche. It’s a like a giant turkey baster. Just fill it with warm (body temperature water), sit over the toilet and pop it your bum and squeeze it and let it give you an internal spring clean.

Ninja level anal cleansing

If you have the time and inclination or just determined make this a mega clean experience you may want a total internal flush, consider an enema.
This is a little bit of overkill for me, but for some of you kinksters, this alone is a massive fetish. Just hook the device your shower or faucet for the ultimate internal super clean.

IF YOU ARE NEW ANAL SEX STOP HERE - Don’t just ram something in your ass. Even if you are horny you still need to know a few more things.
Lubrication, Lubrication, then more lubrication.

You have to understand your basic biology. Unlike your vagina, your ass does not self lubricate regardless of how horny you get. So you are going to need to add a sex lubricant.

This is important. It is unlikely to hurt and you avoid unnecessarily injuring yourself. Don’t forget that your ass is not designed to be fucked in the same way as your vagina. Take care and use lube internally, on the sex toys or cock t and add more lubrication during energetic anal action or if you want to make sure everything keeps fucking you seamlessly.

Anal plugs and toys - Start small and build it .

An anal slut like will always tell you start small. There is plenty of time build- the “mega large ass breaking tentacle style torpedo” you saw in that pornhub video. Perhaps start with a small toy as long as it has a flared base. The flared base stops you losing it your bum and then panicking and going A & E get help.

A safe option is your finger. It’s hard lose your finger your bum. you have do is gently push past the tight ring of sphincter muscles that holds everything inside.

As you get used the whole sensation of having something your bum or how your finger feels moving in your ass you’ll soon feel ready take a cock sized dildo or even a real cock with a very eager guy attached it.
Now you know the basics. Get ready for larger anal toys, anal plugs, anal masturbation or good old fashioned anal sex.

Level 2 Time to reach for bigger and bigger anal toys
Get ready for some serious anal training. It’s time to get bigger and bigger toys and have amazing anal sex

Choosing bigger anal sex toys

Even now you need to move your hands away from the “mega large ass breaking tentacle style torpedo”. You may be comfortable with a small to medium diameter ass plug or toy (approx 1 ½”) or an average-sized cock, but if you still want to stretch your ass further you are going to need bigger toys. All slowly getting bigger in a series of small increases.

Even a very modest increase in the diameter of an ass sex toy can make you feel like you want to burst the first time you use it. So, make sure you check out and measure new toys you intend to use. A modest increase of ¼ inch diameter can feel enormous once it’s in your ass. Just take your time and get used to your new toy until you feel comfortable to move larger again.

Training your Ass to take that “mega large ass breaking tentacle style torpedo” which you loved watching disappear inside an ass on Pornhub is a slow process and the reward of being able to perform that particular party trick is worth waiting for.

You might not be able to insert a larger toy that you’ve been lusting after, or you may only be able to do it for a little at a time. That’s okay. Anal training requires time and patience, so be easy on yourself. You can always insert a smaller toy today or go bigger next time.

Always remember your ass was not designed for vigorous anal stretching and fucking. It can get damaged and if you rush and go too fast you can injure yourself. Just like a sports injury, hurting yourself can put your anal training back months. You’ll have to wait to heal and then build back again.
Should you used numbing products

I guess this is a little like athletes that take banned substances enhance their performance. It might work for some, but there are risks and side effects.

For me, a little pain or discomfort is part of the pleasure, but too much pain is a clear signal that you could be hurting yourself. Pain is your bodies telling you to slow down, get more lubrication or change the angle your fucking your ass. Pain is something I think you should listen to, not ignore or block out.

Don’t cheat your anal training and introduce added risk. Take your time. You’ll get the results that come from the time and effort you put into training your ass.

SENSIBLE HEALTH ADVICE - Rough anal could lead anal prolapse and incontinence. If you use a toy that’s too big, you could cause trauma to your colon. Not only is that pain more long-term, but the visit to the doctor is also going to be uncomfortable.

Level 3 - Talk to your partner about being fucked in the ass.
You do not need a partner to train your ass. You can be perfectly happy training your ass to take bigger and bigger butt plus and use any number of sex toys to masturbate while stimulating your ass at the same time.

If you have a partner, it is good to talk about this stuff. Here are the two things you need to get out in the open:

💖 Tell them the size of the toy you like - Make sure you do not let someone else's ambitions overrule what your body is telling you

💖 Control the pace they fuck you or use your anal toys - Remember if you cross the boundary between pain and pleasure let them know and remember you can never have too much lube in anal .

I hope that you are now excited train your ass or have some amazing anal sex. Like good anal sluts you’ll inevitably reach a point where you can't go any larger, rougher or longer, and that’s okay. Anal sex done right is amazing and if you follow this little guide you will be trained anal size queen before you know it.

DOMScott54 67M

4/19/2021 5:30 am

Yes, useful for beginners. Just needs time and care. By the way, those water bottles with the nozzle at the top do a cleaning job if there's nothing better to hand. Hold the warm water in for a while...
Position can be important as well. On the side, legs up, is maybe a starter.
It is the best thing when done properly

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4/19/2021 5:35 am

great looking ass too

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4/19/2021 8:40 am








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4/19/2021 10:00 am

Love anal sex but hard to find someone that can take my big fat cock

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4/19/2021 12:50 pm

Very good info for all that have no experiance, slow, lots of lube, training is VERY important.

allgud69xxx 49M
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4/19/2021 10:50 pm

Can’t remember where from, but the advice “too much lube is almost enough” from somewhere years ago springs to mind. Have you reached the point in your journey that your, uh, “torpedo” just falls out? There’s a rather small young woman from the Netherlands who can accommodate a 2-litre pop bottle. She took a period of a couple of a couple of years to work up to that size, so it is a matter of training. Good advice, all around.

Nice profile pic, and that’s even considering only from the neck up. O’course the view from behind isn’t so bad, either ...

-- allgud69xxx

Yeah ... that's right ... I went there ..
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Leegs2012 49M  
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5/3/2021 3:40 pm

I enjoy rimming Her only. Ass play for me no anal, unless She wants it. BTW: That is a very sexy picture!! Sexy Body!! Sexy LEGS!

forgotforgetting 55M  
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5/7/2021 11:10 am

Fantastic advice. Thanks for sharing your insight.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Mr_Eight 40M
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5/8/2021 2:56 am

That was a good read. It's something I've found very few women are into but I would like to try more.

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NJGUY08090 55M  
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10/9/2021 3:42 pm

Your advice is point on spot. I love you pic too.

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