Here's some stuff about what I'm about to help you decide if I'm the one  

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1/14/2022 8:39 pm
Here's some stuff about what I'm about to help you decide if I'm the one

I live near I and Twin Peaks and sure hope you don't live too far away for us to limit how often we see each other in person.
here hoping to find friendship with a woman who will be truthful with , and expect the same. I will never lie to you. I want us to be monogamous so we don't have to worry about "bugs".
I really enjoy being with someone with whom I can laugh. thoughtful, gentle, caring, and for humor in every situation.
Divorced after more than 45 years between 2 marriages, I like being single, not looking to share my living arrangement.
I very much like the freedom after all those years and have no interest in marriage.
retired from the construction industry and am debt free, and own my place.
I am frugal because I field a race car my own expense, which takes most of my free time and , but that's how I like it. I won't quit till too old to do it.
Although I don't hunt, I have guns. a combat vet so I know what doing with them.
I have no desire to .
I don't own a suit and have no desire to be where a suit would be required.
I've been likened to a hermit, and OK with that.
I think social events that require alcohol are phony. I don't go to clubs, etc.
I watch mysteries and some sports on TV, not sitcoms or reality, although I'll join you for what you like.
I am a night owl, going to bed when I get sleepy usually between midnight and 3am, and get up when I wake up after usually 6 hrs.
healthy and fit (but 40 lbs. overweight), STD free, act than I am and I will not leave you wanting in bed.
I don't expect sex unless we both want it, and I don't expect to seduce you, I want to be wanted.
into anything a man and woman can do together but I have no interest in sex that restrains, hurts, or humiliates.
I've never had a one night stand or a .
I like to eat often cheaper places like IHOP and less often expensive places.
I'd like to get together a couple of times a week, and beside that, have lunch or dinner a couple of times a week, and I'd like to talk on the<b> phone </font></b>every . When you're close and care about each others lives, there's always something to talk about.
not a Trumper but very much liked the good things he was doing FOR my country as opposed to the things that are now being done TO my country.
not likely to be compatible with someone who won't admit the reason for the difference between now and a couple of years ago.

I will not ask you for nude pictures.
OK with where you've been and what you've done if you don't try to hide anything. You ARE where you've been and what you've done.
wanting you to be your own person, have your life together, be self sufficient, and not needy or addicted.
You must be STD free., and can't be a tobacco smoker. I quit in 1983 and to this , tempted when around it.
Drinking is OK although I seldom do, and never in excess when I do. Marijuana is OK for you but no smoking it inside my house. I've never done drugs.
If all this looks OK to you please let know.
I am serious, and anxious to meet to or talk on the phone, because I don't feel that intentions and feelings coming across accurately via the keyboard.
Please tell some facts about yourself and please include the zip code you live in.


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