80sbaby71 50F
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5/23/2012 4:47 pm

Well took advantage of actually being home before 9-10 pm!

Been a long couple of weeks. Running around with mini me. Practices, work, life!

And guess what? Baby is getting frisky! I have not had any ANY playtime in quite awhile now. Either with a friend or even on my own!

So...tonight...since I dropped mini off at her grandparents after some shopping...

Baby decided to pull out her toys...cue up some sounds on the porn...and let loose. Ok, so I put a pad down because I knew we would be making a nice wet spot! And I made sure that the batteries were fresh and the extension cord was handy!

I am on the countdown...6 school (work days) left, 6 more days making an honest buck on the street corner , and only 3 more days of lunch/recess duty!!!!

Have I mentioned that I am really REALLY frisky? Yeah...maybe some time soon I can find a way of taking care of that issue!

BusterTheMaster 69M
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5/26/2012 7:52 pm

I'm always glad to help a friend in need...!!!

Buster The Master
Second star to the right and then straight ahead until morning...

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