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Badgers79 42M
2 posts
1/16/2022 7:55 pm

Grats on getting a blog up! Saw you briefly on the livestream - neat on FFXIV. Figured to say hello and give a hearty Prince Sidon thumbs up!

Chuckk48 65M
1421 posts
1/16/2022 11:55 pm

Welcome to blogland. Video games? I hadn't been into that sense my Intellivision days (I still have a working Intellivision) but right before Christmas I got myself an Ouclus VR headset. Now I'm into some Star Wars VR stuff. VR golf, the new VR version of Myst. Watching a lot of 3D movies in VR. I am slowly getting addicted as I find myself spending a lot more time in the virtual world.

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