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3/3/2022 3:28 am

tastes like chicken

FINN_1981 40M
10 posts
3/3/2022 4:17 am

Nice. Now if that eel will just move...

Albarn 39M
15 posts
3/3/2022 6:22 am

That is simultaneously both the greatest and most horrifying image I have ever seen.

AChvalrousKnght 36M
2 posts
3/3/2022 6:31 am

It's all fun and games posing with one until you have to explain to an er nurse how you lost a nipple to a conga eel, but at least it isn't an electric one for a truly shocking experience lol

midhard1 65M
325 posts
3/3/2022 12:43 pm

And, what is one to conclude form this picture? I know that some have used the eel as a metaphor! Bizarre indeed.

Comments on my blog "midhard1" or on my erotic stories welcomed.

notsure1949 73M
10657 posts
3/4/2022 5:33 am

weird, but so was X-Files

23Nsafun616 24M
13 posts
3/5/2022 11:05 am

Lol why

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