What Happens in the Family stays in the Family  

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9/26/2021 4:14 pm
What Happens in the Family stays in the Family

This is a story based on some facts I was told and a liberal amount of fantasies added by me. The characters in this story Liz (mom), Lee (mom’s ) Terri (Lee’s CD friend) Rob (step dad to Lee/ex husband to Liz) and of course myself Rick.
Rob and I have become friends on Heated Affairs and chatted and told each other our fantasies and problems in life and met a few times for some man on man fun. Rob was telling me all about how his busty step had teased him by walking around naked at home, grinning the whole time. Rob says he got sooo horny seeing her firm breasts and shaved pussy walk through the kitchen after her shower. “What can I do?” he asked me “Don’t complain you are getting me hard telling me!” I laughed. At that point Rob started to strip my clothes off and we had a very hot time sucking and more.
After our sex session in my hotel room I tell him how I would love to meet the family but I want them to help me in a fantasy which might solve his problem. Rob and his family love to play “Texas hold em” so I suggested he set up a game and I could be their waiter for the game. ”How does that help me?” he asked “Well I have been thinking about getting dressed up like a woman like your ’s boyfriend and maybe they could do me up with make-up and clothes for the night.” Rob says “Fuck they all would love that do you mean<b> shave </font></b>your balls and ass and make up wig the whole thing?” “Go big or stay home!” I respond.
Rob talked to his ex Liz and she is all aboard and then Lee and her boyfriend and they were all excited about the poker and the waitress/waiter for the night. The next thing I know I was in Liz’s bedroom with her and Terri demanding I strip for them and turn around a few times. They tell me “That will never do we need to get all that hair off of your ass and balls “To the shower!” they demand. Wanting to have my fantasy I obey and Lee and Terri begin to<b> shave </font></b>me and then grope me while they<b> shave </font></b>off my hair. “Into the shower rinse off Ritchie” they tell me. I obey and rinse and get out sporting a nice hard on. “Nice very Nice but not yet.” they exclaim Terri who was all done up in wig and make-up starts to dress me in a frilly blouse and ball bag g string sort of thing and a very short mini skirt, stockings and garter belt and a pair of short high heels. Fuck those are fun to walk in! Lee told them “Go set up the poker game and she will do my make-up.” She does a fantastic job I was getting very turned on watching this busty woman doing me up in a very see through night gown, she slides her hand over my swelling muscle oh fuck this is going to be soo much fun.
She tells me “Go and ask everyone what they want for drinks” I obey her off I go trying to strut into the living room where the cards have been dealt and I ask what they all want and off to the bar and I return with all there drinks on a tray. They have started to play cards and I hand out the drinks and knock some chips over onto the floor Liz tells me “Pick them up!” I bend over and Lee grabs my ass and rubs my balls and hard cock as she says “Sexy stockings Ritchie!” Terri says “Stay down there.” and pulls me under his dress he is commando and I get a lick of his penis, and suck it for a while which brings out a groan. The game sort of carries on with me under the table moving from lap to lap everyone had slid off their slacks and under wear while I was there going form pussy to pussy and cock to cock. Finally the game was over and we started to get serious about having an orgy.
They all stood up clothes coming off everyone but they told me to keep my clothes on. Rob got on his knees and started licking Liz out and she has one of many noisy orgasms! Not to be outdone Terry is rubbing his ass against my cock through my skirt mmm and then Lee tells him to eat her while I fuck him. He bends over ass high in the air and proceeds to suck her clit and she is groaning and then she tells me to get my cock into his manpussy! Who am I to say no. I am pounding him as he is eating her and Rob is working her mom over with his cock deep in her hot pussy, slowly fucking her and she has another orgasm almost the same time Lee cums squirting all over Terry. So Hott! He cums up for air and I slide out of him.
Terry takes off my skirt and g string and blouse but leaves my stockings and garter belt on. He says “Hey sexy Ritchie soo sexy!” Rob grabs my hard cock and pulls me over to Liz and her hot pussy and tells me “She wants your mouth on her pussy lips.” I kneel down and start to dine on her wet pussy full of Rob’s cum, meanwhile Rob is lubing up my man pussy. As I play with her clit and suck her labia he slowly slides his big cock up and down my crack trying to get hard again. Lee and Terry help by sucking him on top of my back just above my ass getting him hard so he can put his cock in me. He enters me slowly and Terry goes on his back and slides under me trying to suck me while Rob is pumping me and I am eating Liz’s pussy. Lee feels left out and pouts to Rob who reaches out and starts to finger fuck her (he has been dreaming of this for years). He pulls his cock out of my stretched ass and takes his step to the couch putting her legs up high driving his cock deep in her wet pussy, after no time she cums again squirting all over his cock. Liz is now moaning and groaning “Don’t stop, don’t stop I am cumming, I am cumming! Fuck yeah yeah so good!” and then a waterfall comes out of her soaking me and Terry when she squirts on us he is still sucking my cock. I move on top of Liz and start to suck on her 36 DD tits and finger her wet soaking wet pussy, while I kiss her a deep French kiss rubbing our tongues together. Rob has finally had his way with his hot step his dream cum true he didn’t cum in her and was still very hard. Terry sees this and goes over to him and sits on his big member and starts to ride him, Rob has one hand playing with Lee’s pussy and sucking her double D’s while Terry rides him. What a sight soo hot!

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