A Fantasy I Have  

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1/10/2022 4:00 pm
A Fantasy I Have

He made suck his cock! That’s right he made suck his huge, I mean giant, fat, long uncut cock. This cock was also accompanied by an equally large set of low hanging extra-large heavy balls.

It was just two weeks when I decided to go to a local tranny friendly club in Seattle. Tonight I was going to “dress up” which I don’t do often here in my home city because I am afraid I will see someone I know that does not know I love to “dress-up” but tonight there was an event at the club and I knew there would be several “gurls” there which makes it a more comfortable when “dressed”.
After an early evening of making my body smooth hair free, trimming my bush around my clitty with a nice landing strip cut I picked some sheer satin black bikini panties with a matching long line bra to highlight my 38C breasts. I decided to wear thigh high black stockings so that I can have easy access to my satin covered clitty and ass-pussy. Selecting a knee length dark blue long sleeve dress felt safe and black 4 inch heels. Then doing my make-up and selecting the right hair style which was a shoulder length full brunet style.

Once I arrived at the club there were several people lined up including many “gurls” and girls, guys, gay and straight couples. Once inside it was crazy with lights, music and packed with people. As I was making my way over to the bar for a drink I bumped into the guy in front of and he turned around with an easy going on his but once our eyes met he immediately looked pissed and then started to laugh his ass off! This guys was my fucking mean ass married to a women next door neighbor in a gay bar, my neighbor who always harasses every time I see him. I thought holly shit I am dead! He then said that he always thought that I was gay but never could prove it and he said he had no idea that I was a tranny. He then said “you got balls bitch coming like that” then laughed his ass off again. I was freaking but was frozen that moment.
I was about to walk away, leave and go home back to the neighborhood were this asshole lives too but things went differently. As I turned to leave he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the bar and ordered me a double vodka (neighbor knows me and my drink) and wanted me to drink it fast, so I did, mostly because I was still in shock. Because it was very crowded we were forced to stand next to each other and for a moment I thought I felt what may have been his hard cock pressing against my hip. He ordered us another round and grabbed my hand again walking me toward the door while telling me to finish my second double vodka so we could go outside and talk and by this point I am feeling the vodka. Once outside my neighbor walked me around the corner and pushed me into a dark entrance to an apartment, as though he has used this spot before. I was scared, seriously trembling, so I turned away to the brick wall and now he was right up against my back. I could feel his body heat as I pushed back and he was not letting back up but holding in place as his hands reached around starting to grab breasts and a hand went down as he grabbed my clitty through my satin panties. He was squeezing my breasts and he began to bit on my neck and shoulders like an animal as his hold was getting tighter and I now felt his hard cock grinding against my panty covered ass. His cock was very hard, very large and he was forcing that huge man<b> meat </font></b>against me holding me in place unable to move. He turned me around and with his hands on my shoulders forced me down to my knees directly in front of his huge bulge. With one hand he held me in place and the other hand he open his pants and pulling a giant, fat, long uncut cock that very hard and covered in pre-.
He leaned over and whispered that I needed to be a good and his cock and he would take care of and make his secret bitch. His cock was so big and hard and in my I could not resist and I took it into my mouth. Once I did he knew I approved and he took over-grabbing my head with both of his hands he began to fuck my mouth with slow short strokes increasing to long hard fast deep pumping of that huge dick all the way down my willing throat. His huge balls slapping against my chin as reached up with both of my hands to grab and squeeze those gorgeous balls he began to moan very deeply he then began to force his cock deep down my throat and hold it there for several seconds before repeating. Each time he forced his cock deeper into my throat and he would hold it for longer and longer. I could feel his cock pulsing more and more the longer and deeper he would hold it forced down my throat nearly gagging me every time. Slowing pulling out to the tip of his huge cock leaving the swollen hard cock head in my mouth he began to start making noises like an animal grunting, snorting and deeply moaning as he shoved his cock fully into my mouth, down my throat all the way and started to dump a massive load of -he was so deep that I could feel pulsing fill in my throat, swallowing it all. Holding very tightly onto my head forcing his cock so deep pumping down my throat as he was letting loud animalistic groans and howling’s. Trying to push away and get that massive dick of my throat and mouth he would not let go and told to breathe through my nose and relax and wait until he was done like a good . Taking his advice I tried to relax and he pumped a few more loads into my mouth as he pulled his softening gorgeous cock out of my mouth and told to lick the head clean and I did so like a good gurl.
Now we meet secretly either my house or his house next door and have fun!! I now own him and he knows that his balls and cock belong to as no one else in the neighborhood knows our secret including his very wife- least not yet- because I want to own her too.

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