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smartasswoman 64F  
35813 posts
5/15/2021 8:32 am

I probably would have turned back at the water/mud (although it sounds like you were able to make it around on the edge without getting your feet soaked).

citizen4722 64M  
74582 posts
5/15/2021 8:39 am

With all those fallen trees, you'd think they could have made a bridge or two out of them

justskin1 70M  
13175 posts
5/15/2021 9:21 am

Not to sure what I would have done. If I have it right you did cross one bridge over the stream so needed to eventually cross back? If it was late June and I was in shorts and sandals I likely would have waded across. Considering that it did not look like bridges were much of a part of the trail turning back may well have been the best option.
As you pointed out one can never tell when something apparently simple will turn into an adventure.

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liketowatch44g 71M
31 posts
5/15/2021 9:26 am

Would have kept goin.

resant78 43M  
3326 posts
5/15/2021 10:33 am

I like having a map with me if it's my first hike, I've run into that scenario in the past and I don't like it.

I would have turned around at the mud, only because I don't like the idea of having wet socks.

Paulxx001 65M  
22616 posts
5/15/2021 11:49 am

At what point? 🤔
The Québec USA 🇺🇸 border. 😶❗

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
5/15/2021 1:03 pm

A lot would depend on the time of day, weather conditions, etc. If I felt like I'd eventually get back before dark, being too tired/hungry/etc. I'd likely push on even through water, knowing if I really got desperate retracing my steps would be the ultimate out.

Besides mud can sometimes be fun!

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pagancountrygirl 64F  
6466 posts
5/15/2021 8:59 pm

I probably would have turned around when I reached the mud. Just go back and enjoy the lovely scenery from a different direction.

Hmmmm....I know I left that wand around here somewhere!

PonyGirl1965 56F  
22090 posts
5/16/2021 12:23 am

I like to keep going until I'm trashed. So far I have not needed to be airlifted out of a park, LOL.

aman4u1962a 59M
1979 posts
5/17/2021 6:43 am

Like a lot of the others, I think I would have turned back once I hit the mud.

pacnwlover42 53M  
9808 posts
5/17/2021 5:57 pm

Knowing me as an exhibitionist, I probably would have gotten totally naked, waded across the creek carrying my clothes, and when I got to the other side I would have air dried and put my clothes back on. Just saying! 😎

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