Mists and Magic  

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10/7/2021 12:17 pm
Mists and Magic

She made her way, barefoot and naked, down the wooded path, the cool stones under her feet in contrast with the heated passions coursing through her body. The moon cast wan beams of light through the canopy of trees above her. Carefully stepping onto the large stone dais, she stood at the edge of a pool of shimmering water, an anxious upon her face, and she waited until the moon was just above her.

With hands slightly trembling, she traced the signs she knew so well in the air above the pool, whispering magic spells as she did so—and behold, the water arose in a mist over the pool, the mist rising higher than her stature, glimmering in the moonlight. With a flourish she finished making the symbols in the mist-filled air, and stepped back. Before her, the mist appeared to become more solid, more substantial, and in but a moment it vanished, leaving a handsome man of lean and muscular build stepping from the pool onto the dais

He shook himself as if aroused from a deep slumber, and longingly beheld her, reaching for her even as she stepped forward to melt into his arms. They kissed, embracing each other with a long, warm embrace before they leaned back to look at one another as if they had not beheld each other in a long time. Together they knelt upon the stone dais, enfolding each other in their arms and legs, hands roaming over each others bodies. He leaned her backwards as he nuzzled her breast, even as she took him into her hands and caressed him to fullness, and they made love, frantically, powerfully thrusting and impaling themselves upon one another. There seemed be no sense of time for they made love for what seemed like hours, and as daybreak filled the sky with wan sunlight, they held each other in an enraptured embrace.

The entire day was filed with their laughter, soft words and their sighs and moans of pleasure, his hands and hers fondling each other, caressing, holding and teasing each other to new levels of enjoyment. Almost unnoticed and yet aware still of the passage of hours, it grew dark again and they watched the moonrise through the trees. Their embraces grew more desperate, more demanding as the moon rose higher and higher, and with a bitter cry of desperation and longing, they finally stood beside the pool again, and with a trembling step, she, knowing their time was again done, and he, motionless but for the signs he made in the air over the pool and the spells he uttered, resigned themselves to their fate.

She stepped out onto the water as a mist once again arose, the moonbeams, danced upon the vapor, and in an instant, she was gone. He clenched his fists in heartfelt pain as she vanished, and he then turned, pausing a moment and then with a heavy tread, made his way up the stone path, head bowed in a passionate sense of loss and longing......once again another cycle had begun...

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