Afternoon delight, part 2  

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8/5/2021 11:06 pm
Afternoon delight, part 2

Blake and Cezanne invited their house and I got witness an absolutely amazing orgasm from Blake and then participate in Cezanne's epic orgasm. I hadn't orgasmed, even though I had been fucking Cezanne when she orgasmed, so I was feeling pretty good at the moment. I have a random thought. How long can I go without orgasming? Can I spend the entire afternoon with Blake and Cezanne pleasuring them and myself and not orgasm? I want try, but my throbbing cock absolutely needs a break or I will cum and there won't be anything I can do stop it. My cock is not the only one way I can receive pleasure when I'm with a couple, so I roll over onto the pillow I had used with Cezanne and ask, "would someone please fuck me?" Blake's cock is huge. He easily has the largest cock I have ever seen and to be honest, it's a little intimidating. But I have plenty of adult toys of my own and I know I can handle him. Before he can get there though, Cezanne puts her hand on Blake's chest and says, "Let me warm the boy up first, why don't you?" She takes the dildo I had used on her and slips the still slick head against my asshole. I relax into it as she slides the dildo easily into my ass. She fucks my ass with it for a few moments, but then pulls it out and says, "we need something bigger I think" and invites Blake to take over. Blake lightly lubricates his cock and then I feel him press his cock against my asshole. He rests the head of his cock there for a moment and then presses forward until just the head of his cock slips inside my ass. He pulls his cock out and then slips the head of his cock in again. He does this for a few minutes until I'm about to lose my mind. I actually need him to plunge his cock into me by now. The next time he slips the head of his cock into my ass, I thrust my ass back and hungrily devour his cock. He's much larger than the dildo and I feel my ass stretching as he fills me. I push back into him until my ass can't take any more of his cock and Blake starts to slide his entire cock (or most of it at least) into me, pulling all the way out until just the head of his cock is inside me, and then sliding back in again. I'm glad he is going slow, because there must be a few inches too much to his cock to fit completely into my ass. Once he finds how far he can go, he starts to slide his cock in and out. It feels incredible. Some guys think anal sex is only ever painful, but they really just have never given it a chance or had someone experienced show them how. You need to relax into it and have someone like Blake who knows what they're doing. Blake adjusts the angle of his thrusts so the head of his cock runs against my prostate and I tighten up as he does, which increases the pleasure exponentially. He keeps this up and I feel my cock weeping seminal fluid from my prostate and he continues. He then shifts the angle of his thrusts again to get as deep into me as he can. I tighten my ass muscles around his cock to try to give him as much pleasure as I can. It feels so good I can barely speak, but I'm able to ask Cezanne, "do you have any wet wipes, as much as I want Blake to cum in my ass, I would rather have him cum in my mouth." I want to explain that I wanted to taste Blake's cum again, but couldn't get the words out. Blake isn't ready to stop though. He keeps changing the angle of his thrusts, giving me as much pleasure as he was getting. Finally, Blake pulls his cock slowly out of my ass.
My ass feels warm and relaxed and tingles from the fucking Blake gave me. He moves back to the head of the bed and places his legs on either side of me. Cezanne gently wipes his cock clean, although it was only covered by the natural lubricant my ass produces when I'm thoroughly enjoying anal. His cock is before me, large and hard. I cup his huge balls in one hand and guide his cock into my mouth with the other hand. I press my head down on his cock and finally get as deep as I saw Cezanne get. My tongue plays up and down his cock and I taste sweet pre-cum leaking out of the head of Blake's cock. Cezanne gets off the bed and rummages through the nightstand drawer. I don't see what Cezanne brings out, but I hear Blake ask, "are you sure about that Cezanne? That's pretty big." That peaks my interest, but I don't want to stop focusing on Blake's cock and I just let it go. I am really enjoying the feeling of Blake's cock in my mouth and the challenge the size of his cock presents. There must have been a part of my mind thinking about what Blake had said because I feel a little relief and reassurance when Cezanne says, "I saw how easily he took your monster cock in his ass, he can handle this and more." Cezanne gets back behind me again and I hear somethings snicking into place. Then I hear the cap of the lubricant open and what must be a generous amount being squeezed out. Then I hear Cezanne let out a soft moan. I then hear a few snaps snapping and Cezanne bends over , places her mouth against my ear and whispers, "Relax and enjoy... I'm going ." I don't know it at the time, but Cezanne has a wonderful strap-on that has two dildos for her and one for me. She has a large dildo in her ass, a larger one in her pussy, and an enormous one hanging in front of her. I know is that I feel something huge spreading my ass cheeks apart. I initially tighten in apprehension, but Cezanne reassures and says, "relax, this is going feel great. Focus Blake's cock, he's going cum soon, as soon as he watches fuck your<b> brains </font></b>out." I relax and focus again Blake's cock. He has both hands the back of my head now, as if I needed the encouragement. His cock is amazing and so, apparently, is the dildo Cezanne's strap-. As I relax, she presses the huge head of the dildo against my asshole and I feel it stretch and stretch and suddenly she's in. That transition from stretching suddenly in makes catch my breath in pleasure. The dildo has an amazing shape. The head of the dildo is shaped larger than the shaft, which feels like it must be at least twice as thick as Blake's cock had been. The head has protrusions on the bottom which press against my prostate. To be honest, Blake has done such an amazing job fucking that my prostate is a little tender, but I tighten it anyway and am rewarded with a healthy flow of seminal fluid from my cock again. This pillow is going need be washed when they're done with . I'm reminded that Cezanne is fucking herself while she's fucking when her moans start echo mine. Cezanne starts pump erratically and she loses some of her wonderful rhythm. When she cums again, her second time today, I think I'm in heaven. I have never orgasmed from anal sex, but I hear that it's possible. I'm not sure what that would feel like, but I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience, as if my entire body were focused on my ass and warmth and tingling fills my body. I feels as if I'm peeing on the pillow, as gross as that sounds, but it's not pee and it's not cum exactly. All I know is that I'm moaning around Blake's cock and I don't know if it was him watching Cezanne cum or feeling my moan on his cock, but he cums again explosively. He has two handfuls of my hair as he spasms and fills my mouth with his cum. I would never have guessed this was his second orgasm today because he fills my mouth even after I swallow the first or four spurts of his cum. His cum tastes amazing. Some people don't like that taste, but for me, there is little that's better. I pull his cock out of my mouth, swirl his cum around my mouth a little, fully experience it, then swallow. Blake's cock is still spasming a little and some cum wants run down his cock, but I take his cock back into my mouth again, sucking every last drop.
And now, part 3

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